Saturday, November 13, 2021

Meaning of imagination in imaginative positive or negative in human life attitude does not stay in one place

Meaning of imagination

Imagination has a great importance in the ups and downs of life

What is the reason for any failure in life, first of all think what is missing, but what had to be done and what has happened, when we do the same thinking. So it is called imagination, no matter whether man is at any level, whether he is in business, business, living in the midst of society, thinking about the matter, studying, writing, sports, progress, degradation, in every field, a person thinks something for development. That thinking is called imagination.


The most profound thinking imagination occurs when someone suffers a great loss

But at that time, due to the loss of conscience and intelligence, people become imaginative, who have weak morale or lack of concentration. People also think negatively or there is a negative feeling in the imagination, the main reason for this is the weakening of morale, which disturbs the concentration, the mind should really be such that it should not be discouraged in sorrow and not excited in happiness. Yes, by being even in both the situations, stability is created in life, discretion, intelligence is activated, simplicity and ease comes in life, which makes a person fearless, strengthens self-confidence and morale.


There are often two types of effect on the mind, one is positive, the other is negative 

People with positive influence are good, they have knowledge, their thinking, thoughts, imagination are all balanced, they are never imaginative, the way of thinking of a positive person is gentle. Which is good for everyone.


Mind of such a person, who has a negative attitude does not stay in one place, his mind remains distracted 

Such a person runs after his mind and runs as he does, there is no control over the mind of such a person. The reason is to remain mostly unimaginative, which can never be completed, thinking more and thinking about that subject or task, this weakens the intellect, there is always a turmoil in the mind, such a person argues more, it is natural than more reasoning. Unnecessary work can also be spoiled, to reach success or result in any work, accurate thinking is required, when any work is not completed even after doing it with understanding, then it is natural that arguments will arise, hence negative attitude in the mind sometimes. Shouldn't be


Thinking or imagining too much is also not appropriate

It causes a lot in the mood of the mind, even if all the thinking is positive. There is also a lot of effect on the mind, due to which healthy can also be spoiled, this happens when due to deliberate action or decision on any subject, all that gets spoiled, which becomes the cause of ruin. Everything is put at stake, when the reason behind this waste is something else, at that time nothing is known in the thinking or imagination, even after thinking a lot, no answer can be found, then people also took some wrong steps. Those whose morale is weak, those who have strong self confidence and morale, do not have any kind of effect on their mind.


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