Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sorrow what is sadness? we try to rectify our mistake, then we get the right information, so why should we make any mistake?

Sorrow in the future, something that will have to face 

What is sadness? that's nothing 

If you do not do something that will have to face sorrow in future. So why would there be sorrow? People think a lot. But never think of anything that will lead to trouble ahead. when it's a good time. So at that time also do something like this. which is not to be done. Don't even think about what they are doing. Still doing it. when its result turns out to be false. Then they get into thinking that why was it done like this. which was never to be done. When the bad times come. So try to rectify your mistake. Then you get correct information. So why make a mistake?


If you understand the matter of real knowledge 

Then everything is understandable. As long as a man does not make a mistake. Till then real knowledge is not attained. That alone is called lack of knowledge. Knowledge has many dimensions. The whole life of man is for knowledge only. Even until there is real knowledge. Till then man does not even know by earning anything. Knowledge is necessary everywhere in life. Man suffers from any subject matter only till then. Until we face reality. While walking on his path, man also does struggles. Man works hard. Man also makes use of his conscience. Man thinks too. Man understands. Man keeps on moving forward on his life path, opening the layers of his dimension one by one. Slowly adding the curry of knowledge to his life, he moves towards maturity. As knowledge increases. In the same way, all lack goes away. Sorrow goes away. The mistake ends. Then man matures. He is knowledgeable. That's why sorrow is nothing but lack of knowledge.

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