Saturday, November 13, 2021

Knowledge of great importance small knowledge definition thing small or big work

Knowledge of any work imagination is big thing

Any work or knowledge of work is not a small thing. 

Whether the work is small or big. The work should be of less profit or more profit. The experience of understanding that work does not diminish. The work involved in the experience. The more he deserves his grace, the less he deserves. If any experience reaches its depth, then the understanding and experience of the knowledge of the work increases more. The only drawback is that there is a right guide. or less. Or no one knows how to access them. In fact, if anyone can find the right guide. And by following their footsteps, relying on their understanding and knowledge, keep learning. Then there will be no dearth of information.


Understanding the nuances of any work is of great importance

Understanding the nuances of any work is great importance. If you do any work with your heart, do it under the guidance of knowing. So by going deep into it, you can give a new look to the color. This will increase your knowledge even more. As long as you put your mind to some work. And when the mind is really engaged, it starts working. This develops the concentration of the mind. The power of thinking increases. Due to which the body never gets tired. It is not hindered by any external conversation. The mind is constantly busy with its work. This increases your knowledge further. Later on the mind would get used to doing work.


This is not a small knowledge definition of a very big karma

This is no small knowledge. The definition of great karma. The path on which everyone attains his merit. In the society, in the house, in the family, in the country.


Now the thing is whether the work is small or big 

Now the matter is whether the work is small or big. It matters whether there is much benefit in it or not, it is also important. A sweeper sweeps the road throughout the day by sweeping it. He also has the same knowledge. Who did his work diligently. So clean up happens quickly. And whoever does not put his mind, then there is no quick cleaning. Everything seems to be scattered. Seeing cleanliness, one feels equally good about himself. As much as the cleaning worker because it is his job. It is his karma. And he also takes his heart in that work. That's why everyone likes him. And that is when everything remains scattered and scattered. Then no one likes it.


Similarly, when a very famous person does his work in a good way

Similarly, when a very famous person does his work in a good manner. So all that proves to be very beneficial for the welfare of the people and life. On the other hand, if they do something wrong. In which the mind is not well engaged. So its result is reversed. Due to which there is a big loss to the people. Society also suffers. The brunt of which all those associated with him have to bear the brunt. All these are forms of karma.

Whenever one should do any work do it thoughtfully

So do any work anytime. Do it thoughtfully. In the event of a mistake, take help from someone or the other. So that there is no trace of error. Do a good job Do it diligently. The work done diligently proves to be successful. Which makes everyone feel good. 

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