Saturday, November 13, 2021

Moral imagination of life mind will start to find definition of knowledge possible until the feeling of compassion

Definition of knowledge is also like this, until our mind is not calm, we will not get peace

Moral imagination today's time people know nothing to do for each other. 

Somewhere there is a feeling of jealousy with each other. It seems like. That everyone in this world has forgotten each other's dignity in the course of getting ahead of each other in the era of competition.


Moral imagination in reality it should not happen that if you do something with a feeling of stability and compassion in the mind

It really shouldn't be like that. Do something with a sense of calmness and compassion in the mind. Then you will definitely get success. The world is for everyone. Everyone has equal rights. Yes someone makes little progress. No more but it shouldn't matter. If people lived in harmony with each other. give to each other. those who are weak. They can get some help.


All this is not possible until the feeling of compassion and compassion is awakened in us

Until the feeling of compassion and compassion is awakened in us. Till now all this is not possible. The mind gets infinite peace only through mercy and compassion. After which the man runs. Until people don't start thinking for each other. Till then there will be no peace in life. The day this feeling will wake up. From that day onwards the feeling of peace will start. Because peace is a feeling. Peace is a voice. No one can buy peace with any amount of wealth. It comes automatically.


The definition of knowledge is also like this, until our mind is not calm we will not get peace 

The definition of knowledge is also similar. Until our mind and mind will not calm down. Till then there will be no peace. Until we do not connect with each other intimately. Till then the idea will not be granted. When you don't think for each other. Till then nothing is possible. This is the reason for the main unrest. not understanding each other properly. The day we will start understanding each other properly. Peace will begin to meet by itself.


From the day the mind will start to find peace in the imagination 

From the day one will start getting peace in the imagination and understanding of the mind. Then there will be no debate or dispute. There will be neither quarrel nor fight. Because by then everyone will be connected to each other. Like a complete family. Where there is a whole family. There people are alert and knowledgeable too. That's when the family runs. makes a mistake. So the elders help him to rectify his mistake by helping him. By which his knowledge increases. Makes progress. The day we ourselves will start feeling peace. Will start to feel good. From that day everyone will start feeling peace. Everything will look good. This is the real knowledge.


Moral imagination should be peace in the imagination of life, the mind should make full use of intelligence in thinking of the mind

There should be peace and happiness in the imagination of life. In the thinking and understanding of the mind, full use of the intellect should be made. In which there should be dignity for all. Have complete control over your own mind. whichever is necessary. Necessary subject and work should be done so that the mind, intellect and discretion are activated.

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