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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Real Life Knowledge of full life self improvement of self realisation self knowledge school life, hole living life

Knowledge of life

Self knowledge school of life

Knowledge of Life Changes that take place from time to time and its effects affect the lives of people. Defines knowledge of life. Yesterday we were all in childhood. Today we are young. And tomorrow we will be old. Your life is stuck in the middle. All this education, play in childhood, fun and above all, the life spent between toys takes new forms by moving forward. Day by day there is some development going on in our life. This is the wisdom of life. We all keep moving forward with the knowledge of life. Live in a positive way in real life personal thinking.

Personal thinking of real life in positive manner

Sacred Ways of Knowledge Source of Life enlightenment

The sources of knowledge of life also have many forms. Sometimes laughing, sometimes joking, sad, sometimes crying, running away crying, all these environments pass our childhood. In the sacred ways of knowledge school life, self knowledge we all get from our parents and teachers. The rest gain knowledge from school and college. We get education to read and write. It is through this knowledge that one develops himself. In this way gradually comes out of the cage of childhood.

Self-knowledge is obtained from school in life after childhood

There is usually such a time in your life. In which we all make mistakes again and again. Gain knowledge in life. Until adolescence makes mistakes. Until then the reality is not realized. That's why parents and teachers ignore their mistakes. Usually in most cases those children are also punished by their parents and teachers. But they are punished for being wrong on their right. But that too in school or at home only for the development of self-knowledge. So that you may be aware of this. Mistake is punished. This increases the understanding of right and wrong. In fact the mind wins. This is a time full of dilemmas in a way. The mind thinks of something else. Something else happens. Self-knowledge develops thinking and understanding in the school of life. So that right thinking and understanding is formed and what is right. idea can be implemented. This is the time to fully reveal the knowledge. Due to which adolescence attains enlightenment. Enters puberty in his new life.

In youth the medium of self-knowledge increases even more

Until we reach puberty. What is right? And what's wrong? It starts to be felt. This life is full of responsibility. Sahaj, simple, full of concentration, life, death, progress, downfall, sorrow, joy. The time of marriage comes. Youth develops. In which such a life partner is found who is a companion of happiness and sorrow. It plays a huge role in the upbringing and settlement of the family. With whom to spend the rest of life. in which there is a responsibility to work. How do you sit in society? How do you talk to whom? All this information is present in this youth. To develop self-knowledge of life. Maturity develops. In the self-knowledge of life, the responsibility of running and taking care of the family increases. The child teaches his child the knowledge of living his own life from the parents and knowledge from the teacher. Then he gives that knowledge to his children and develops them.

In such enlightenment of life after puberty

The marriage of the child, Teej festivals take place from time to time. Everybody comes together. Along with the family, the responsibility towards society and people also increases. At such times all responsibility and existence have to be handled together. Sometimes in such a life we ​​also have to face grief. It is only one color of life. Which comes in everyone's life at some point. It may be that at such a time the elders of the house are fulfilling their time. After completing the time, he returns to his residence. His passing affects the whole family of the person. At that time, taking care of all the members of the house, one has to move ahead. Crossing all these units one has to move forward. Time is spent living in life and superstition. Self-knowledge of life is above all those facts.

One such experience of enlightenment of life is overcome by the battle of life

When the one who leaves by giving all the responsibility to his dependents slowly moves towards that abode. from where he came. For him the means of life is only devotion to God. Then there is no responsibility. If there is a sense of karma, then there is karma. which is in his vehicle. They return to their abode after developing their true knowledge after imparting the knowledge of their life to the dependents and their relatives. Like an innocent child, for some time the intellect becomes prudence. After attaining Mahapranayam after old age, he leaves his physical body and goes to his world. death is attained.

It is an ideal of life, self-knowledge of life.

Childhood Adolescence Youth Age Youth Age Youngest Age Old Age is the Knowledge of a Complete Life


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