Saturday, November 13, 2021

Imagination of true mind identifies existence and introduces reality the imagination of the true mind is automatic

Imagination of the true mind identifies existence and introduces reality.


Imagination of the true mind is automatic 

There is no force in it, it comes to light when the mind is calm, concentrated, there is no feeling of any turmoil, gives priority to action, is self-supporting, is hardworking. , Be idealistic, the mind of a person is pure, there is impartiality in their understanding, so such persons never go out of their realm, whether in reality or imagination, whatever they think or are is not beyond reality, That's why their imagination becomes true after thinking, which is also fulfilled later.


Identity of existence is for a limited person who does what he thinks

Thinking or imagination is up to that which can be accomplished, by this he gets complete knowledge of his life, in the life of such a person, there is a lot of work capacity, By which they keep their present carefully, such person does not conceive of the future in any way, to keep the present right, they have balanced conscience, so that they keep their mind under control and balance themselves and live contentedly. , therefore their existence continues to be recognized.


To get acquainted with reality it is necessary to have a balanced life 

A balanced person knows that everything depends on thinking and understanding. Certainly, one gets to know the reality only by performing the necessary activities.


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