Saturday, November 13, 2021

Strong desire live happily for a prosperous life an ocean of happiness and sorrow events of life for the development

Heart desire very important to live happily for a prosperous life

Desire to the life is an ocean of happiness and sorrow. In this, many pearls are spread in this ocean. 

Strong desire meaning some bright, some faint, some black and some yellow ocean keeps everyone alive. Everything flourishes and flourishes in it. Similarly, there is an ocean of happiness and sorrow in the life of a human being. Like human life is caught between birth and death. Similarly, happiness and sorrow are also engaged in life. Sometimes life goes on in the form of happiness and sometimes sorrow.


Desire to know about something events of life are for the development of man. 

Desire for taking knowledge from your failure and walking on the path of success is the struggle of life. It is the development of a human being to stop sometimes like day and night. Like steps sometimes forward and backward. Similarly, the development of life reaches its highest point. It is better to learn from your mistakes than to be disappointed by the hindrance of development and not to repeat them. Due to this, it starts increasing. Like a drowning gets a straw. Similarly, the source of development should be understood and identified and caught.


Desire your meaning instead of wanting in life, one should be engrossed in one's karma. 

With the worldly desires the mind starts getting satisfaction. Real satisfaction comes from your actions in life. When the desire starts to end the enthusiasm of the mind. If desire is related to karma then it is fine. But there is only desire and no action is active for it, so that desire becomes the cause of sorrow one day. Like the bottom is never played with one hand. Similarly, to fulfill the desire, one has to do karma too. The world is known. With effort, something is definitely achieved. That's why the world of life has reached here till today.


Meaning of desire should never be for an immoral purpose. 

Desire and compete for something may be that if it is not fulfilled, then the conscience of the intellect can also be bad. Wrong desire can also lead to anger and condemnation of others. This can also end the friendly feeling. Then he will not even feel like talking to anyone. Loneliness with one's own desire in solitude can force one to hate even oneself.


Desire look the real happiness in life is that which comes from giving happiness to others. 

My heart's desire meaning due to this, the seed of horse and enthusiasm flourishes in the mind. which gives positive results. Do not nurture anything in one's own desire that will cause any trouble to others, otherwise it becomes a cause of sorrow for itself one day.

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