Saturday, November 13, 2021

Desire will improve then can do better than what are doing now, if will power should be right then what else want it is good can do better imagination

Desire look will power is positive indulge in pride and keep a lot of 

Desire in mind due to which reluctance is seen in future

Secret desire meaning what do we know about ourselves? Have we ever wondered what we are? Where are we? Why are we so proud of ourselves? What are you proud of? We are here! We are like that! We can do that! We can do it all! Even we can do whatever we want! Why so proud after all? It should not happen. If we think so. The world is huge. We haven't even seen the world that much. We don't even have that much time. The whole world can see and understand. Remember that we were born. One day we also have to die. Once this thing is done in our mind, then our desire will improve. What we are doing now. Can do better than that. Our will power should be right. We can do whatever we want and do the best we can.

My desire meaning imagine is fulfilled which is effective in whatever desire there is a sense of karma

A desire willpower is positive. We, being intoxicated by our arrogance, keep many desires in our mind. Which only shows reluctance in the future. Because all wishes are not fulfilled. The wish is fulfilled which is effective. The desire in which there is a feeling of karma. Desire that is positive. The desire in which there is no wrong building for someone else. No desire is hurting the honour and dignity of others. Such a desire is called a positive desire. Which is definitely fulfilled. The work that is done with the spirit of selfless service. Which is of no use to itself. Doing such a thing makes the mind happy. Due to which work efficiency and resolution power increases. To complete any work or service, having positive will power is a big contribution. Will power increases only with positive will power.


Heart desire meaning immoral desire leads to man's anger which is not at all fair usually the immoral desires of people are not fulfilled

Desire and compete for something immoral desire is never fulfilled. Immoral desire leads to man's anger. Which is not fair at all. Usually the immoral desires of the people are not fulfilled. who have such feelings. Their intellects and consciences do not remain strong. There is a feeling of anger, craving, greed, cheating in every thought of his. Many times people take such decisions in pride and confidence of their power. In which there are such negative feelings. Due to which there is a rate of disorder in the brain. Due to which the intellect starts to become depraved. Anger resides in the mind. Anger can go a long way. Affects memory power. Which leads to a loss of positive knowledge. The will power gets weakened and ends. The person falls from low to low. Therefore such feelings should not be allowed to dominate the mind.

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