Saturday, October 23, 2021

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life life should be lived happily life should be lived happily

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life

Real life knowledge life and death is the gift of God. Everyone has the right to a happy life. There is joy and sorrow in life. 

Real life knowledge every experience of life is for knowledge only. Passing time after time, every moment time gives something and it also takes something. There is no need to be disappointed by this. The happy moments of life. He should try to live. This spreads horse and gaiety in life. To achieve this, life has to be lived freely. By talking lovingly with the children, keeping affection with the wife, talking openly with the grandsons, telling friendship as one's troubles, it eases the mind a lot. If anything is lying inside the mind, then after talking to someone, it should be lightened by coming out. If you do anything with a light heart for happiness, then there is a lot of joy. For one's own happiness, if you do something for someone else, it increases horse and gaiety. Which gives unmatched peace and happiness in life. Keeping this aspect in mind, one should move forward in life. Life should be lived happily.


Real life knowledge something for happiness to someone and your own happiness, then you can hardly get success in it. 

Real life knowledge doing something selflessly for others brings immense happiness. You can try it and see. Desire is the cause of all the miseries of man's life. As much as there is desire in the mind and it is not fulfilled on time, then it can also become a cause of sorrow. Therefore the desire must be balanced. If possible, even if he gives away something to give happiness to someone in life, then he definitely gets happiness from his happiness. Whether for loved ones or for strangers. Even if you do something selflessly, it generates an atmosphere of happiness to a great extent. Real happiness comes from seeing happiness in the happiness of others. If you love yourself, then there must be something for everyone in your mind. This expands the mind. This does not mean that one should do it for a selfish, such a person must be avoided. Because helping them in any way harms itself. In which there is a feeling of sympathy. One who respects someone's help. Control is necessary everywhere. If you do something for someone and do not wish for yourself in return, then happiness definitely comes in life. This is called how to love your life.

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