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Mystery of unknown tree of Muzaffarpur Bihar according to legend, this unknown tree of Muzaffarpur was 300 years old

The mystery of unknown tree of Muzaffarpur Bihar 


According to legend, this unknown tree of Muzaffarpur was 300 years old. In ancient times, it was heard from some people that a monk came here and buried the wood here after brushing. Due to which this tree became and started growing. The unknown tree, which looked very thick from below, had two main branches, out of which there were many small branches. Whose leaves were like Bombax ceiba and it used to have fruits like Calabash. There were flowers like Oleander. After cutting or peeling the bark of the tree, a blood-like fluid was extracted from it. Later some sage came here and started living under this tree. Children used to throw stones on the fruit of the tree. Disturbed by this, the sage cursed the tree itself. After which the fruit stopped coming from the tree.


The unknown tree was full of medicinal properties 

Many types of stomach pains were removed by the consumption of leaves. Skin diseases were cured by its juice. Later, due to the increasing faith of the people in this tree, some people also used to worship. A long time ago, there was a maha yagya due to the faith of the people here. Almost more than 20 years have passed.


There is a village in muzaffarpur kudhni block in turki panchayat whose village in name is chainpur. Very close to turkey station. The unknown tree is there. There is a girls school which is completely surrounded by trees.


According to the botanical specialization, the unknown tree is a tree of the adansonia digitata species. But it is different from that.


Unfortunately, on January 3, 2018, unknown tree fell in two pieces 

On the girl's school at 6 in the morning due to an unknown tree insect. There were no children in school, it was early morning. In which a large part of the tree got mutilated. Then again on 24 September 2019, this tree fell completely and ended. In this way a 300-year-old unknown tree with its unknown secrets perished.

My visited photo graph as on 13 march 2004 evening 


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