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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Real life and weather are almost the same thing If there is happiness in life, then there is also autumn and spring in the season. Sometimes we have to face great sorrow in life

Difference between life and weather

Life and weather are almost the same thing

If there is happiness in life, then there is also autumn and spring in the season. Sometimes we have to face great sorrow in life, as everyone was suffering in this corona epidemic, in the same way, in the weather too, a cyclonic storm causes great damage. A lot gets wasted in surges and tsunamis.


Like in life the moments of happiness are short-lived

In the same way, spring is the only time in the season which everyone likes. People have to endure constant changes in the weather, in the same way everyone has to struggle in life.


The laws of nature are the same for all

Everyone should understand the law of nature. Just like in life there is always happiness, sorrow, happiness and sorrow. Similarly, the weather keeps changing from time to time. Sometimes people like it and sometimes it bothers people.


Sometimes it happens in life 

The work done in a lot of hard work always keeps coming in some way or the other. In the end that work also becomes bad. Similarly, due to the weather in bihar india this year, there was a big impact on the cultivation of paddy. In the beginning, there was no rain in the paddy sowing, due to which the seeds were not done properly, the weather was also very hot. People tried to grow paddy by running water from the machine, in any way. In the end, there was some money, but after the harvesting of paddy in the field, due to heavy rain and rain during drying, all the ripe paddy grew in the field. Due to which all the farming of wealth got spoiled.


Real life is full of struggles 

It is not necessary that after hard work there will be complete success. It may be that success is not achieved according to the mind, but look at the life of a farmer, there is less happiness in his life and more autumn. This means farmers do not leave farming. Because farming is his life. If they do not do agriculture, then from where will the man get food. Therefore, even if you have to struggle to win in life, do not run away from it. Success and reality is due to one's own actions. Life must be active. If it is autumn today, then spring will surely come tomorrow.


Not everyone gets all the happiness in the dimension of life

Some less, some more. Don't be afraid to run away from life. Life is the only way to do all the struggles in the coming times in life. And this is life.


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Achievements of life happen the person who strives continuously while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society keeps moving forward

Tell about some such achievements of life

We tell about some such achievements of life. 

Which we all know. And is also included in everyone's life. A person who makes constant efforts goes ahead while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society. In fact, he is actually called a human being. Who is known for the good of all. That is the real person. On whom the infinite grace of God rests.


Knowledge is gained by meeting or socializing with truth person

The knowledge that is gained by meeting or socializing with such a person. It is called peace and tranquillity. Going near to which the soul feels relaxed. Such people are rare in the world. Only when we meet such people anywhere, we get a lot of happiness too. Because he keeps on sharing happiness. Their happiness never ends in their lap. The happiness he gives. Happiness goes on increasing. Such a person is only our mother in his house. There are grandparents too. There can also be elders in the society. Those who have true knowledge. Who has seen every aspect of life. Such a person must be respected. Apart from this, there are other such things as well. Those who get respect in the society or outside the society also. Whom people go to see or meet. Who ever comes to his area or city. Everything shines through his light. Everyone is affected by whose spoken word. Those virtues are virtues. Whom he also wants to respect. Who has no greed in his heart. There is no mental feeling. There is no sense of humour. There is no sense of greed. Those who do not run after money. They have only the feeling of karma. Such a person is very close to God. They are only human beings in the form of God. That's why such a person must be respected.


Imagination of life giving respect to someone  taking respect

In the imagination of life, giving respect to someone or taking respect from someone is a very big thing. The person who manages his life with understanding. One who understands positive attitude. Knows the true spirit of the individual. While being active in his life, he develops in the field of his work or service. Gives true knowledge to the people. In whom the code of humanity is filled. One who is aware of the subject matter. He is a good person. In which there is unlimited knowledge and education. Who is active. Such a person must be respected.


Want to move ahead in imagination of life

If you want to move ahead in the imagination of life. So one should definitely take inspiration from such a knowledgeable person. The main goal of a knowledgeable person may be in the field of work or the area of ​​service. Their aim is to propagate and spread correct and positive knowledge everywhere. Due to which they get fame. One must contemplate in this way in the imagination.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Real life knowledge do you see life main quantities of life development of life is based on progress if life is full of education and knowledge then success will never be far from it

Real Life Knowledge

Real life time from birth to death is called life. 

Real life in childhood, by playing laughter, children keep on having fun while studying and writing. He moves on with his life. In adolescence, understanding all kinds of knowledge, right, wrong, good and bad, they move forward. receive education. Understand the colors of life. Proceeds in life. At a young age, he understands the responsibility of life. People get all kinds of knowledge and education by taking care of family, work, people sitting in society. After getting a life partner with his life, he spends life together. Moving on with the new generation. Understand the ups and downs of life in adulthood. He teaches his elders with his knowledge and experience. The society takes care of the family. Moving on by living life. In old age one experiences all kinds of sorrow and happiness. One by one, we move towards the end of our life by giving our knowledge and experience to others. Later he receives death. In this way life passes from birth to death.

How do you see real life?

Real life must first be understood through knowledge. The greatest value of life is education and knowledge. On which the development progress of life is based. If life is full of education and knowledge, then success will never be far from it. Wisdom refers to the experience in the work arrangement among the people in life. How do you spend your life at the time of happiness and sorrow in life? How to keep life simple and alert in difficult times and horse gaiety. Shows very useful properties. Responsibility shows responsibility towards one's work order in life. Responsibility towards family, children and elders is very important. For the life of man, virtue harmony is of great importance in the structure of life.


Real life main quantities of life

Real life main of life is only 10 per cent. According to spiritual knowledge human beings are 10% active conscious mind. The remaining 90 per cent are unconscious. The activation of the conscious mind is the cause of growth and success in life. Therefore the main quantity of life is 10% active mind.


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