Saturday, October 23, 2021

Through intuitive understanding sacraments are usually found at home most important is the sacraments to be reunited with the parents a part from this, the rites are given to the child from the childhood, from the very elders in such a house

What has someone said, only sacraments can stop crime, not the government.


The sacraments are usually found at home 

The most important is the sacraments to be reunited with the parents. Apart from this, the rites are given to the child from the childhood, from the very elders in such a house. Respect the elders, do not quarrel, do not speak bad to anyone, do not steal, childhood is always the time to make mistakes, through which everyone in the family, through their own means, makes the child aware of his mistake. In the form of knowledge acquired from childhood, it is the sacraments that shows him the right path ahead. Who has the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in his future.


It takes no time for anyone to take the wrong path 

But ignoring his mistake from childhood and letting him follow his own path only encourages the mistake. That's why rituals are very important.


If any child is doing something wrong 

Do not do this by making him realize his mistake that it is not right, it does not happen in one go, you have to do knowledge again and again.


Children are innocent, they should never be given any knowledge by beating them

By doing this, he can also become stubborn. There is a sense of knowledge which comes only through intuitive understanding. If you are uncomfortable, your knowledge will remain incomplete. The responsibility of the parents increases with the birth of the child. That's why the child has to understand the same thing many times. Only then does the child realize the knowledge.


The child acquires good and progressive knowledge of education 

In school and college only by the knowledge and rites received from the family. Reading, writing, remembering, writing by remembering, all these are the medium of knowledge. Sacraments is a positive knowledge, which increases the reality and struggles in life. As the child moves from his lower grade to the next higher grade, knowledge and the world also increase in the same way.


Whose knowledge remains incomplete. 

If there is a difference between the reality and the feeling of the mind, if someone follows his mind, takes the wrong path and commits some mistake. Which is not good for the people and the society. Then through government governance and administration, knowledge is imparted by getting punishment. But by doing this his mind is restrained, it becomes difficult to divert his mind from crime. Therefore, in order to curb the increasing crime by the government and administration, that criminal is put in jail for some time or years.


Therefore, the crime happening 

Can be stopped only by the culture given from childhood, and not by the reins imposed by the government government and administration.     

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