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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Enthusiasm has as much importance for life as it affects karma. Karma is that unit of life which can be measured only by self-reliance

Zeal of action in the ideology of life


Enthusiasm has as much importance for life as it affects karma. Karma is that unit of life which can be measured only by self-reliance. Karma has nothing for itself. Karma comes only for the benefit and favour of others. Humanity is not complete until it does some work selflessly. If such a building is not coming to life, then somewhere there is some or the other very big deficiency which is either not known or is not being exposed properly. Everything is there if you think and do it for yourself, but if you do it for others, then real life is felt. Everyone knows and everyone does, yet it is never understood that what is real life? To live for yourself is the biggest act. Unless a man does it for himself, how can he do it for others? The first use of knowledge is only on oneself, then whatever is earned from it, then goes to family relationships and acquaintances, even if there is not a small fraction. Only after being capable of himself, a person is able to do something for others, that is the reason for enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm is above self-reliance

In which when a person becomes proficient after studying every aspect of life, then the effect of knowledge also falls on others, by his words or by his actions, those who understand him and try to read it. True knowledge does not remain hidden anywhere, it keeps on being revealed in some form or the other, this is the definition of real knowledge. When things are good, everyone likes and praises them. Positive emotion emanating from knowledge, which contains something for everyone, then it inspires. When doing something for someone, it should be exposed with the feeling of due and not with the sense of selfishness, otherwise he will not come under the realm of karma and self-reliance will go away. Where while doing nothing for oneself, when something happens with the aim of upliftment and well-being of others, then the mind gets real peace.


To try life, you can test yourself.

If an unknown person is hungry, if he is saying that "i am sick, i want food", if there is a feeling of gratitude in the mind, then he will definitely get him food. If you think that what will I get by feeding it, then doing that favour or not doing both will be the same, even if you give food to him with this feeling, then bringing such a feeling will have to fall further from the level of oneself. If without thinking, if the mind is saying that give it food and feed them with love with a clean mind, then after looking at your mind with that feeling, some happiness is hidden from that feeling somewhere or the other. Will see look into that happiness and see that it will be much higher than real happiness. In that sense, along with happiness, there will be enthusiasm, such enthusiasm is found only through selfless deeds, when everything is balanced according to the country, time and letter, then there is incomparable happiness in life. The balance in the happiness of life comes from the feeling of due rather than indulgence.  

There is a big difference between happiness and real happiness. 


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