Saturday, October 23, 2021

Real life to be comfortable and happy in real life live life happily one must first love one's work which earns it is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family

A lot has to be done to be comfortable and happy in real life 

To live life happily, one must first love one's work. which earns. It is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family. It's money! So that's all! Otherwise no one even respects you! With the passage of time, the distinctions of knowledge can also change, but knowledge is knowledge only. But it can have many forms. One should earn by working hard in a positive way and with intelligence.


Struggle in life should be filled code by code 

Nothing is achieved without struggle. The path of thinking should be right for the struggle. So that the mind should be united and develop on any one subject. Only then the struggle succeeds. If life is there, it is reasonable that there will be many ways and ideas. But this does not mean that every path should be adopted. The same way works. One who can concentrate his intellect. Explore your mind and you will know which path is sitting right. Only then do struggles on all those paths which can make life excellent.


It is very important to make compromises in life 

The corona virus, which has spread for some time, has strengthened the work of many people by compromising in the business. Because of this, the preferences of the people changed. Due to lack of money, people gave their hobby to stability. Enterprises that were booming. Many of those enterprises collapsed. Do not know how many people's jobs were ruined. Forced people had to compromise in their work and business in the past. Earlier, they were working very well in their field, but what they are getting today. He has to make his living in it.


In today's time, the real problem is on the business of those decorators and events workers 

Who used to do wedding and event work. His work was based on the number of guests at the wedding. But in the last two years, when even the relatives of the house cannot come to the wedding, then what invitation to give to others. Neither decoration nor any observance, so much silence was not there even in a modest birthday party. Today, after influencing a big program like marriage, marriage has now been limited to only two houses. It is believed that this saved a lot of expenses for the family members, but all their wishes remained unfulfilled. The real effect of all these circumstances fell on the decorator and event person, all their artisans, artists and laborers became useless. For whom there is no business at present.


Transformation made people sit at home and work that was being done in the office those people were forced to do online at home 

So that the business can be saved. What is all this? It is a sign of compromise with life. Slowly people started coming to their work business due to less disease and started working as before. The situation is still not smooth. No one should be blamed for this. In the times of change, something or the other fluctuates. But the path of life can be made easier by making compromises. 

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