Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Problems related to the integration of knowledge? knowledge may be positive or negative but it is knowledge

Additional Knowledge

What is the importance of knowledge? Knowledge is endless. 

In which so much is immersed, the less it is. It doesn't matter that someone has less knowledge and someone has more knowledge. Knowledge has no meaning. Knowledge is that we speak, hear, understand, taste, see, feel. This is all physical knowledge. Mental knowledge, emotion, attachment, attraction, repulsion, happiness and sorrow is also knowledge. More than this, the information that can be obtained in the development of life is knowledge. To think, to imagine, to be inspired, are forms of knowledge.


What is additional knowledge called?

Any kind of information is called knowledge. A person with less knowledge lives by balancing his life. He gives importance to the same subject matter in his life which is necessary for the sustenance of life. More than this, which has good information and specialties. He lives his life freely. They have the specialty of removing all kinds of hindrances and obstructions. Which makes them multidimensional. With which people discuss their complicated questions or problems in their thoughts. Such people are also thinkers. Due to the good knowledge of knowledge in their work and system, they are also very successful. According to the time and specialty, they lead their work and follow the people in the work. This is also called additional knowledge. 

There is no end to knowledge. 

It is the higher knowledge that also becomes the expert. Stuffing quality in the manufacture of something is a big deal. All this happens only because of higher knowledge. They contain special and important information. They are also inventors.


What are the problems related to the integration of knowledge?

Knowledge may be positive or negative but it is knowledge. There is a difference of understanding in this. There are many human beings in the world. When which knowledge is transmitted by a good scholar, then the views of the people are not necessarily the same. The reason behind this is people's own understanding. Because of this problems arise in the integration of knowledge.

According to the time and situation of knowledgeable wants. 

The knowledgeable and knowledgeable wants change from time to time. New options are given to the people to reduce the problem arising. So that everyone's life is accessible. But what happens? Not everyone's understanding is the same. This is the nature of the mind. Due to which people act or react on that idea according to their own. Some people like it and some people don't like it. All these problems arise in the integration of knowledge.


Bright ideas to improve knowledge

The understanding of knowledge is different for each person. Must be someone telling some thing or idea without understanding it, do not react. If you do not believe, then it does not matter, but do not inspire others to not believe. The dimension of knowledge is unlimited. It is based on the understanding of the people that how they understand it. In this multidimensional world, the feelings of the people are also different. If any scholar, thinker or wise presents any idea, then understand first. Refine your understanding with that understanding. Believe it or not, people have their own opinion. The suggested thing should never inspire others to not accept the idea.

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