Saturday, November 20, 2021

Self reliance for the balance and peace of life, repay the loan taken

Self reliance is better to be self-supporting than being dependent on others.


For self reliance if you want to lift up in life, it is better to learn to give than to take something from someone.

Self reliance taking something from someone in life shows the lack of one's own knowledge and ability. This indicates that there is some deficiency in every area of ​​​​itself. The definition of self-reliance and self-reliance is also meaningless. When something is needed in our life which we have to depend on others if we cannot earn from ourselves. So what happiness can you imagine in such a life? The mind never accepts anything that is taken from someone else. Such a feeling happens in the true heart.


Self reliance is natural that the mind does not accept the thing taken from others and the mind goes home in the struggle to return it.

Self reliance the struggle of the mind is such a feeling that when it falls, real happiness falls and the mind is always restless to return that thing soon. Sometimes the mind remains worried even during the day and night. It is natural that when the efforts is capable, then what to take from someone else, if life is not that thing, then it is better to calm the mind, or it is better if one struggles to achieve it. Life is only for the struggle. But if we are dependent on others, then somewhere or the other due to self-aggrandisement.


Self reliance for the balance and peace of life, repay the loan taken.

Self reliance like people do not want to give anything of their own to someone else. As if his mind has a feeling of not taking anything from anyone, then it is balanced. If the transaction is a commodity, then the day you return that item or price, then the mind gets a lot of peace. You can do this for the circulation of life. But always taking something from someone and never having the ability to return it is a dead life. In which the mind never gets peace. The mind is always restless to take things and prices from others. The thoughts and imagination of his day and night also become like this.

In the self reliance if the feeling of giving to others is right in life, then he definitely gets immense peace in his mind.

Self reliance the spirit of the giver to the helper does not diminish. A self-reliant person is surrounded by self-reliance. That's why he takes pleasure in making others female. When a person asks for some help, someone helps. Yes, but those who make such efforts repeatedly, they can even refuse by reining in themselves. Thinking that the help given is going in vain. Both this effort and work of the helper is successful. Due to which he gets peace of mind. When the effort of the person seeking help is unsuccessful, then he goes to someone else and takes help. Due to this his life goes in wandering, it is called "Wandering from rate to door".

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Sociological imagination distinction between the upper and lower classes of the society should end

Sociological imagination


Concept of society imagination


In the environment we live in, there are other people living with us. In which all your friends and strangers are there. The group of all these is called society. There are upper classes and lower classes in the society. Some are adorned and are also non-caste. The practice of living together with everyone is called society. From the point of view of knowledge, every person has equal rights in the society. Everyone lives in their own circle with their own family. It is only the interaction with the external people that generates the social environment. They live in harmony with each other through their knowledge and wisdom.


Fellow fellowship and people of same age, especially youth should have domination in the society.

Understanding each other's feelings increases rapport. On the basis of knowledge, education and experience, people also keep reconciliation among themselves, due to which mutual knowledge increases. Today there is progress in the world due to the youth living in the society. By keeping their thoughts and understanding in the society, they play an important role in giving a new direction to the society. Only new enthusiasm and strength can give life to the society and can make the society powerful. Only the new direction of youth's idea for the society can give strength to the society to move forward. The knowledge of the conscious youth, along with the knowledge of their elders and teachers, transmits new knowledge to them as well as their own experience. The knowledge in which the experience of teachers, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, many people and age-older is associated, then it is beneficial.


Order to live in the society sense of ego within the individual also creates mutual distance. 

Mutual respect is very important for reconciliation. If a person thinks that "i am the smartest and most intelligent" then it is wrong from the point of view of society. To live in the society, one should be beneficial. Understanding each other's feelings and knowing their problems and troubles, one should tell them the way out. Only then there is a possibility of sustaining the society and the organization of the people in it, if the person thinks that "i am everything and no one can stand before me", then that person is not even capable of living in the society. It does not make any difference whether such a person lives in the society or not. If such a person gives arguments in society, then there is no one to argue with him, but he definitely has to face the argument.


People with some arguments and quirks should also be there in the society. 

Those who are named according to their thoughts and are known by the same identity. This thing should never be misunderstood. The scope of their knowledge does not decrease. Such people must be in the society. Such people in society have the ability to speak right as right and wrong as wrong. Such persons are also eloquent. Society runs with such a person only. Their existence helps the weak and the weak to protect their interests. Such a person in the society can pacify someone's speech and lock his jawan. Such persons never allow the negative cover to climb in the society.


Only active and thoughtful people should lead the society.

People with active knowledge should experience them with intuitive understanding. Who should have the power to listen and understand everyone's point of view. Such a person should never speak too much, the right and accurate answer should be given on the generated idea which does not insult anyone's interest. Such a person should have a sense of interest and care of everyone in his jurisdiction. There should be a sense of justice in the person holding the post of president. The people leading them should be thoughtful people. The heart of a person sitting on the throne of a lion should swell like a blaze in which no harm should ever be done to the lower class. Everyone should be happy with their balanced thoughts. Only then that justice is effective for the society. There should be the ability to curb immoral rights, so that the rights of the people whose rights are being killed should be mixed with their rights. The authenticity of his authority should be recognized by revealing it. There should be power to punish people with immoral thoughts. Proper steps should be taken to maintain peace in the society so that unity and respect should be maintained among all the people.


Distinction between the upper and lower classes of the society should end.

It is still seen in abundance that there is little or no sense of harmony among the upper and lower classes of the society. This is a very big disease of the society which is spreading like leprosy in solidarity. The problem is complicated because the difference between the two classes is huge. The problem of both is the same. Either the upper class does not want to see the lower class, or the lower class does not want to see the upper class. Change in this mindset is very important. So that all the classes can respect each other's feelings and there should be peace in the society.

Beyond your imagination is considered good when there is balance in thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion in life beyond your imagination

Beyond your imagination



Beyond imagination meaning

Meaning of beyond imagination. Life should be full of positive imagination. Thinking should never be beyond imagination. It is very good if thinking and imagination are balanced in life. This keeps balance in life. Being beyond our imagination means we have our own place in life and imagination is moving in the seventh place. Too much movement of the mind is beyond our imagination. Thinking beyond one's imagination makes the mind like a wild horse. Whatever is going on in life slows down in the real life world. Where the mind should be in its real world which is moving actively, then the mind is moving in its own imaginary world. This causes the real life world to deteriorate. What is going on in the imagination, when the mind becomes careless due to no external activity, it slows down the active work. The same thing happened that by eating more food than necessary, both body and mind get tired, then they are not capable of doing any work. When the health starts to feel like bad, the work that you are doing due to this also has to be left until the health gets better. Generally, the health which worsens by eating more food gets better quickly, but if the mind is bad, life is affected. Being beyond your imagination the mind really gets bad living, people do not like to talk, any of these effects or many effects are on life forever due to bad mind. The treatment of every physical disease is with the doctor but no doctor has the treatment for the disease of the mind. So never go beyond your imagination.



Consequences beyond your imagination

Being beyond your imagination is considered good when there is balance in thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion in life beyond your imagination. Life is good, in which man should give importance to only necessary activities. Thinking excessively or doing something, if any curry is adding to the development of life, then it is positive. It is not right at all to act without meaning or to meet anyone. By doing things beyond your imagination or talking to someone, both order and decorum are disturbed. It hurts deeply. So keep balance in life and be happy.


Beyond your imagination meaning when we go beyond our imagination.

When life goes on under the glare of the colors of life, then desires are also very much in life. Assume that your life situation is fine at present and carelessly using your life's power and energy according to your mind's imagination in such a place, which only gives peace to the mind and basically nothing is achieved. Is. Being beyond imagination and walking on the path of fulfilling it gives peace to the mind for some time but that peace cannot last for long. It should never be forgotten that the mind is a sea of ​​desires, the more desires are filled in it - the more the desire will increase. Desire is above the mind. When the desire of the mind increases, it takes the form of a desire, due to which the mind suffers due to its failure and its effect falls on the brain and intelligence. First of all, understand this thing that the running of the mind destroys its own energy, it takes hard work and struggles to complete the right work at the right place, due to which the mind often runs away after saving life. The mind catches both right and wrong things, but the mind is more attracted towards wrong things. If we see from the point of view of energy, then the object in which there is balance, there is less attraction in it and it attracts only the right thing, whether or not energy enters it, but energy often goes out of the wrong object. Which influences the people to increase the attraction towards them, which is negative energy. With the effect of its attraction, it enters the thinking and imagination of the people through the mind. Due to its effect, greed and attachment in the imagination, in the thinking and understanding of the people becomes more. Due to the high force of attraction of negative energy, it affects quickly. If a person is not in balance, then he makes his imagination beyond imagination. Due to which greed and attachment increases in life and throttles the real thinking. Due to this, the desire of the mind increases further and only one sinks in the ocean of desires and makes efforts to fulfill the desire of peace. Often the wrong thing is achieved quickly but to get the right thing one has to work hard and struggle. The attainment of things is based on thinking, imagination and desire. Never be out of balance and beyond imagination. Balance must be understood before fulfilling any desire.

Thought of mind with emotion

Every moment a person is thinking something or the other in his mind. Remembering the old memories, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. At present, he thinks about his progress and progress in life. Thinks to save something in worrying about the future. Ever wonder what we were yesterday and what are we? It also thinks that how we will be in the coming time. Whatever the person does, but in the lonely time, thinking keeps going on continuously.


The thoughts of a person's mind sometimes go to the seventh sky as well.

The thinking of a person living with the imagination of the mind, sometimes thinking differently from his own path. This is also the art of imagination of the mind. When a sad and disappointed person does not know that he is not successful in his life, then he starts thinking about that which can never happen in life. The reality is that by such thinking, he gets separated from the feeling of his sad mind for a short time, then it becomes wrong on the background of imagination and thinking beyond imagination may give him some heart for some time, but in real life that thinking is the worst. The aspect gives birth to the future. As a result, he never tries to do what he thinks, due to which disappointment starts making his place in the middle of happiness. One who is doing it on the background of his life gets away from success in it. In the coming time, when he is disappointed on the background of his life, then the same wrong and unimaginable thinking becomes painful for him.


Background of immoral thinking, wrong and unimaginable thinking is hidden

The person never knows to tell to the other. Such a person also ruins his life by taking the wrong path secretly, as a result of which his wife and children have to suffer more. Often people use the secret route for wrong work, so that knowing and intelligent people never get to know what the person is doing? Due to wrong deeds, he starts keeping distance from the people and also starts living apart from the society, due to which his identity gets erased among the people of the society and starts living as unknown. Means to say that thinking beyond imagination never leads to perfection. A person walking on this path keeps avoiding everywhere by hiding his identity. Due to which their work and routes are limited. But the day the story of their work is exposed, they have to suffer the consequences from the society and the government as well.


Thinking beyond imagination is not necessarily wrong.

A person beyond imagination should never try to walk on that path, which one day becomes the cause of despair, which only makes the mind sad, and success has no meaning, where there is no effort, then it is called success. Maybe. It means to say that there are those things beyond the imagination, which a person does not try to get anywhere. Staying in imagination, the mind becomes happy to see false happiness, but no background can be made for it. The result of which also falls on an active life, where success is reduced. If he thinks something else, does something else, then the results will also be different. In such a situation, disappointment is sure to come in real life.

Knowledge imagine much importance in modern times as it used to be in mythological times

I imagine the modern way of imagination?

Imagine much importance in modern times as it used to be in mythological times. 

Context depends on holding true feelings and positive thoughts. What do we do? What do we think? how do we go On what subject do we discuss? What is our area? Which path do we have to take? If the answer to the question asked in your mind is positive in real life, then the imagination is active and positive.


Imagine that in modern times the person who is responsible towards his work and towards his duty.

It's easy for them to imagine. It is certainly easier than ever to imagine and place oneself in progressive thinking. If seen in the present time, people are seen to be more busy than before. Busyness breeds positivity. Due to which the knowledge to move forward in their field of work develops. The more we become aware and aware of our subject. The more enthusiasm you will feel in working on that subject. Imagination is right in its place and at the same time your mind is also throwing light on the same subject, then it definitely becomes fruitful one day.


Imagine time is modern or mythological imagine has its place.

According to the time, the subject and work of the person has definitely changed, but the busyness has definitely increased. By thinking and imagining unilaterally, taking steps in the right direction, one gives peace to the mind, as well as encourages. We are doing what we are thinking. One advantage of this is that useless thoughts do not come quickly in the mind. There is concentration even in busyness. Concentration is considered a blessing of the divine. Work done with a concentrated mind never goes in vain. A busy life in your work with positive thinking can take you to the highest place.


Imagine biggest problems in today's time is the imagination for the development of duties and tasks.

Bringing employment, less money on the path of progress. Day by day, new avenues keep coming out and experimenting for progress in their business. Everybody knows. To stand in the market and to strengthen your foundation, it is very important to work hard day and night. Hard work never goes in vain. As is thought and action. The result is the same. Then there is a bigger problem than that. When everyone is active in getting ahead of each other in the era of competition to stand out in the market.


Imagine new question arises? What is the modern way of imagination?

Imagination, concentration, thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, knowledge are all active qualities. Have a deep relationship with each other. Active qualities are definitely helpful by actively fighting for the attainment of something. Activation for the acquisition of things and knowledge not only reduces the negative effect, but also increases alertness, maintains concentration. Proactivity is a positive effect. Man will be active in winning towards his work and duty, success will accompany him as much. In order to make an active imagination come true, the thinking must first be active. When the need is definite and important, the thinking automatically becomes active. Active thinking not only keeps the mind focused but also controls the mind. When the need is important, then there is competition on every avenue of work, then there is no way left but to increase the activity. In the competition, it is always realized that to achieve success, then one has to work hard, to get ahead of others. Unless you are active, success is far away. This is why it is easy to imagine in modern times. As in ancient times, reduction in life denoted need, need increased activity, activity increased duty and action. Similarly, if there is active thinking, then the imagination also becomes active. Due to which the speed of working of the mind increases. Then whatever you think and understand, it automatically becomes active. The result is the same. It affects work and duty.


Imagine in the era of modern day imagination, the first thing should be raised early. After doing routine, some exercise and exercise should be done.

The body and mind are activated by work ship. At any time of the day's busyness, we should sit quietly for some time and check the condition of our day, what we have done today is the best that by observing the subject matter of the whole day at the time of sleeping at night, we know this. It goes on that till now we have right and wrong. If something is feeling wrong, then it should be rectified from the second day onwards, it gives the knowledge to control one's mistake. By correcting the mistake you are doing, positivity starts increasing. Good experience of imagination starts in a positive mind.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Starts to become balanced try to sit quietly in one place then you will never get success in it.

Knowledge of tacit


Tacit knowledge is as good for life as having good stamina. To answer anything unnecessarily is to exhaust your patience. 

To establish tacit in your mind very important to have strong morale with energy. Of the mind, there is disorder and formlessness. Tacit cannot be achieved without controlling oneself. Once tacit is achieved in life, no matter how big and difficult a task may be, it can be completed in a pinch. The mind can be balanced by tacit. Tacit can be achieved not by effort but by work ship. If we try anything with the mind, then the speed of the mind becomes faster than that. By becoming a spectator, controlling oneself and making the mind simple, then tacit is attained. It is easy to do something from the point of view of knowledge, but it is very difficult to do nothing. When we do not do anything, the mind starts running like a wild horse. Then doing nothing becomes too overwhelming. A lot has to be done to maintain tacit. Due to this the mind starts to stay in one place. For this, only the work should be done which is necessary and if the mind also feels good, then the mind will definitely start staying at one place. After the attainment of tacit, it may also happen that if someone is talking, he cannot be heard. Tacit becomes active in itself and makes everyone inactive. Even the mind can disable its emotion. If this happens, then the will becomes active. By attaining real tacit, all the sorrows and anguish of the mind disappears by itself. What every human wants.


Tacit knowledge if you try to sit quietly in one place, then you will never get success in it. 

Just by striving for tacit the mind will start getting engrossed in its thoughts. It is better to try to concentrate on the work that you are doing, than to control the mind, it is better to control yourself through the mind. By activating the mind on itself, it should stop wandering in the outside world and demand it in itself. For this you have to make yourself very active. You have to find the good in whatever you are doing. Bad thing catches the mind quickly. Good is balanced but evil is unbalanced and more active. When goodness calms down. When compared to calm and active, energy is more in activity. Therefore, if you want peace in tacit, then activate your goodness, for this, only by activating yourself, the good will be activated. The elders are right. "He who says never does, and he who does never says". If you understand this only thing, then you will understand tacit. The doer never speaks. Balanced goodness and sense of doing something is awakened in the mind, then without speaking it can do a lot. The one who says "I can do this", "I can do that" then the mind runs in this feeling. It is well known to the world that when we think something, we only think at that time, then we are not doing anything. This is called background preparation of the task. After that the work has to be started so that success is achieved from the background created in the work. Suppose we are just thinking and not doing anything, then nothing is going to happen. Thinking too much also fills the mind. It is better to think that only those who can do it and keep doing it, this is the real activity of oneself. By doing this, tacit starts being achieved. Desire begins to balance. The balance of desire is willpower.


Knowledge of tacit we always do something or the other, do what is necessary. 

Due to knowledge of tacit life also remains balanced. It is very good if you make the effort of tacit knowledge the medium of your active work. Never encourage laziness in life. Try to complete your work in your stipulated time. Promote the belief, "Whatever you do tomorrow, do it today and what you do today, do it now." That is the tacit. This is the tacit. This is the effort of tacit. This is the way to gain the knowledge of tacit.   

Real knowledge of tacit

Tacit is an art of the mind. When there is no movement in the mind while everything is going on in tacit, then the power starts increasing in the mind. Thoughts and thoughts also end in the mental silence obtained after falling from one's thoughts and thoughts. Thought and thought are very active qualities of the mind through which worldly life goes on. In spite of everything, the person tries for tacit for peace of mind, so that the mind gets peace, happiness and gaiety comes in the mind, so that happiness remains in life. With the attainment of silence, the subconscious becomes active, due to which it becomes very easy to make impossible tasks possible. The very active subconscious mind is found only after attaining complete tacit, through which it exchanges knowledge by connecting with the soul of its own soul to the soul of others. All diseases of the physical body, even cancer and paralysis, can be cured by a very active subconscious mind. Active subconscious mind cannot do any wrong after attaining tacit because at that time it attains tacit by surrendering itself under the supervision of god, it has only positive energy, there is no place for negative energy here. Due to which there is no negative tendency in the mind. After attaining the power of tacit, it becomes very easy to look into one's mind, by talking to his mind, his proper solution is also found in his mind and he does not even know because he is in the world and a silent person stays connected with the divine in your soul.    


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Knowledge of subject with a calm mind understand every aspect of thing but what is needed? Knowledge helps in making the right choice

Knowledge management

Knowledge is surrounded by innumerable expressions in the life of man.

It is appropriate to use the knowledge according to the condition of the time. With the knowledge of studies and writing, further achievement is achieved. Use only as much energy as is necessary for your daily work. Too much thinking also destroys your knowledge. It is only appropriate to give air to the thoughts related to the work which is active. So that the knowledge is used properly. When you are eating, do not think about any work. And when you are doing some work, do not think about food, it leads to loss of knowledge as well as lack of concentration.


The point of view of knowledge if you are talking to someone, then first of all understand the whole thing spoken by him properly.

This is not any knowledge, listening to half-hearted things and answering in the middle also destroys your knowledge. Maybe he is right and what he is trying to say, his statement will be understood in the end. It is clear from this that how much is lacking in his own knowledge. Although the dimension of knowledge is unlimited, it is not knowledge to limit one's mind with it. Only then the importance of knowledge remains. When the work or idea related to the subject is exposed. Using your too much knowledge can also create a letter of condemnation among the people. Only the use of knowledge in harmony at the right time makes people feel good and gives achievement.


Through knowledge to be successful in your work and business

The knowledge of the subject with a calm mind, Understand every aspect of thing but what is needed? Knowledge helps in making the right choice. Thoughts are good and effective in a calm mind. It is the right knowledge to use it in your life. Never try to do any work quickly and do not let your normal speed slow down. There can also be a hindrance in this. Knowledge has a melody and a rhythm. Lack or increase in it leads to loss of knowledge. Then there is an increased chance of a decrease in the result.


The chain of knowledge  in relationship and friendship are very important in the chain of knowledge.

According to knowledge even after forgetting, the relationship should not be broken by unwanted things. Not only one person, but the whole family is bound by a relationship. relations has the feeling of a whole family. In the series of relations, there is knowledge of birth after birth. Friendship is important only if a friend has a feeling for himself, then only that friend can last for a long time with intimacy. Otherwise, having any kind of feeling for a selfish friend is harmful for oneself. Friendship friend, these are all external knowledge, their existence or not makes no difference, but if it is worth it, then the one who stands by himself in trouble and trouble is called a true friend.

Concert stage is music associated with classical singing, keeping that theme in mind, the subject matter is decorated on the mach. Proper arrangement

Concert stage

The importance of concert stage is the same where people are fond of music 

Concert stage volunteers organize a program in the festival. In which special people are invited to the concert after seeing a special invitation. The importance of such a program is publicity and dissemination. Voluntary organizations put up posters of their work and their details. The visiting elite enjoy the pleasure of music along with reading his work and glory.


Concert stage is no dearth of people who are fond of music work 

In today's time everyone likes to listen to some music. In view of this spirit, good decoration is done at the place where concerts are held. The stage is set according to the modern or mythological civilization.


Concert stage is music associated with classical singing 

Keeping concert theme in mind, the subject matter is decorated on the mach. Proper arrangement of mattresses and pillows are made on the mach as per the convenience and convenience of the singer and the performer accompanying his music to keep his furnishings in place. This is done when the style of music is spiritual bhajan and kirtan in classical singing where the singer and his associates sit together. Apart from this, if there is only a song in classical music, then the singers are either sitting or standing, then for all the singers, high arrangements are made for them on a stage, chair for the supporting artist and the arrangement of tables or tables for the decorations. Is done. So that they can be comfortable in playing music in the program.


Concert stage selected sound systems are placed on the concert stage 

Good and melodious music after playing which the audience can enjoy the good music and the music director's suggestion on the mixing system for mixing the sound of  mick is well known, which can follow the suggestion of the director.

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Tulsi plant was a girl in the previous birth whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan

Who was Tulsi?

Tulsi plant past life was a girl in the previous birth name Vrinda

whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan, she was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since childhood. She used to worship, serve God with great love.  When she grew up, she got married to the demon king Jalandhar in the evil clan.  Jalandhar was born from the ocean. Vrinda was a very pious woman, always used to serve her husband.

Tulsi workship once there was a war between the gods and the demons 

When Jalandhar started going to war, Vrinda said. Lord, you are going to war, as long as you are in war, I will sit in worship and perform rituals for your victory, and till you come back, I will take my pledge

Tulsi won't leave  Jalandhar went to war 

Vrinda took the vow of fast and sat in worship, due to the effect of her fast, even the gods could not win Jalandhar, when all the gods started losing, they went to Vishnu. When everyone prayed to God, then God started saying that Vrinda is my supreme devotee, I cannot deceive her.

Power of Tulsi then the deity said  God, there is no other way 

now only you can help us. God took the form of Jalandhar and reached Vrinda's palace as if as soon as Vrinda saw her husband, she immediately got up from worship and touched his feet.  I fell when Vrinda saw that my husband's head was severed, then who is this who is standing in front of me?

History of Tulsi he asked who are you, whom I touched 

then God came in his form but he could not say anything, Vrinda understood the whole thing, he cursed God, you become of stone, and God immediately became of stone. All the deities started crying and Laxmi ji started crying and praying, when Vrinda ji did the same thing back to God and taking her husband's head, she Sati happened. 

Mystery of Tulsi vivah when a plant emerged from his ashes 

Lord Vishnu said from today His name is Tulsi, and one of my forms will remain in the form of this stone, which will be worshiped along with Tulsi ji in the name of Shaligram. Bhog without Tulsi ji I will not accept.  Since then everyone started worshiping Tulsi ji.  And Tulsi ji marriage with Shaligram ji in the month of Kartik. is done. On the day of Dev Uthavani Ekadashi it is celebrated as Tulsi Vivah

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself

Knowledge is power

Power of knowledge even in the midst of hidden feelings in your mind. 

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself. It can only be achieved with long-term hard work. When you are active in the direction of increasing your knowledge with a strong mind, then the spirit of the mind also starts working through the medium of will. To convert the desire to achieve something in the mind, day and night, hard work and lonely thoughts strengthen our will. Knowledge is power in itself. Along with this, lonely thinking also gives power to one's will. It does not take long to understand the work thought through with determination. The flow of the mind also works in that direction.


In order to positive mind understand the power of knowledge. 

Power Knowledge of thinking must stand on a strong point. First of all it has to be positive. There is no task in the world that cannot be completed. Everyone's way of doing and responsibility is different. Understanding knowledge in a way and moving forward in that direction, even then willpower is power of knowledge helps in accomplishing that task by complementing success. One should work hard for this with sincere heart. The scattered mind should be energized in one direction. Results do come true. Any lack of responsibility and honesty is enough to dilute or worsen the outcome. 

The power of knowledge is called the power of knowledge by which man makes his existence in his life.

Knowledge and power may be different words, but power grows only through knowledge. The dimension of knowledge is created by the free thought of the mind, through which a person realizes the power of his life. The creature is based on the life force itself. If there is no power, then this life itself ends. The power of knowledge is necessary to run and handle in life.


Man's life is full of mystery in the power of knowledge.

If you understand the definition of the mind with the power of knowledge, then many thoughts in the mind keep disturbing the life of a person, to avoid this man should have the knowledge of right. The darkness of ignorance makes life beyond real thinking, the darkness of life should be dispelled by the light of knowledge.


The power of knowledge is necessary to maintain work and order.

The power of knowledge inspires the inner mind, which gives a glimpse of what is good and what is bad in the knowledge of life. The dignity and tolerance a person gets only through the power of knowledge. Patience power can get a man out of the biggest trouble. The way of communication between people is obtained through knowledge and experience through power. The respect and respect of the elders and the consideration of the younger is this knowledge which should have its power in the mind and understanding of the human being.


To become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the power of knowledge.

From the point of view of knowledge of profit and loss, both of these are the fruit of man's actions. Business flourishes or gets destroyed only on the basis of profit and loss in business. Good values ​​and mutual friendship promotes solidarity, which increases knowledge in the life and mind of man, which has an effect on the intelligence of man. Positive knowledge experience is the benefit for man, which shows his enthusiasm in his business, due to which the dimension of his business increases with effect. On the contrary, lack of knowledge and power leads to the first experience of laziness in a person's life, which should always be avoided. Negligence and hopeless thoughts, all this is experienced only due to lack of power of knowledge, which results in loss to man.

Best of my knowledge of thought with detailed explanation is knowledge is power thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind

Thought is a mind-boggling action 

Thoughts elicits some action or reaction about every possible subject matter. 

The right and wrong thoughts raised in the mind can also be called thoughts. The expression of the mind is also called thought. The things that arise in the mind are also called thoughts. The mind remembers someone, that too becomes a medium of thought. The question and answer that raises in the mind all the time, which keeps on going on continuously in its own mind is the thought itself. A word to raise in one's own mind or a word that raises in one's mind about others is also a thought.


To the best of my knowledge thought  with detailed explanation is knowledge is power.

Thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind. According to what the person thinks, he imagines in the mind towards his duty or work. Thinking comes from the outer mind. As the mind accepts the worldly feeling. who wants to achieve in life. By imagining that worldly feeling in the inner mind, it renews itself in the mind. So that the subject matter can be established in life so that a new way of life can be found. Thought is reflected according to that imagination. Thought also teaches a lot. If a person becomes aware of his thought, then he exposes the result of the subject matter created by imagination. 

Thought positive thinks of mind.

Talking about the external mind, what is right and what is wrong, the tongue speaks as the external mind. Do not understand, after the result something different comes out, then thoughts also start coming in the result. Be aware of that thought too, jai, whatever is going wrong or has been spoiled. He finds a way to fix it. Consider that some negative thought is arising, then think about where the negativity has arisen. Thought gives knowledge. Sometimes the mind will be like that why are the thoughts coming? I do not want that such a thought comes, then the mind wants to get rid of that thought. Do not run away from thought, find the answer to the question that has arisen in thought. The result will then be something that the mind is trying to achieve. What problem is going to arise in that? It shows. Positive work and duty can be accomplished by working hard, hard work. By activating negative work, negative perception, unrestrained work, the mind can also have a stroke. The result of which can remain in the thoughts of the mind for a long time. Due to which it can be very difficult to steal, so the thought should always be positive.


Thought humans prefer penance over thinking? 

If you do something thoughtfully then it is fine. If the thinking is too much, then the imagination will also be more, it is natural. Through imagination, the inner mind is inspired to act and do the work according to the thinking. Thinking is too much and if the work is not doing anything, then the imagination will continue to be meaningless. Thinking is a gift of the outer mind, imagination is in the inner mind. At present the thinking is very active. Because there is a competition going on in making the work system active. Everyone is trying to outdo each other. It is natural that in the era of competition, not everyone will go ahead in the same way. Somebody will definitely be behind. It may be that such a person is simple, he does not like worldly activities, but if he is not successful in business, service, work arrangement, then it seems appropriate for him to make some changes in his life. Not everyone is the same in the world. It is not necessary that everyone gets the same success in the effort. Success is achieved by a mixture of thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion, mind, imagination, sometimes cleverness, material, price, punishment, distinction. The principled person does not follow every path. They will follow the path which is right for them.

Thought theoretical person pays more attention to the result less to the thinking. 

Penance yoga is meditation. Walking on the path of karma is also a penance. There is continual karma for life in which everything is included. One who is detached from life, may have mixed thinking. Karma is austerity to follow the principle of one's life. Such a person prefers to do good deeds than to think. Karma is selfless. Such persons take care not only for themselves but also for the interests of the people associated with them. In their happiness, he considers his happiness. That's why such people like penance more than thinking.

Thought knowledge is power generally, if a person does penance in the form of moral, then even if nothing happens in life, but inner happiness is found 

By looking into one's own mind, one can get rid of the troubles of life. Happiness is not just getting everything in life. Human beings forget the real color of life in the luxury of worldly pleasures. Despite everything in life, people sometimes run away from real happiness. The happiness of the inner mind is the real happiness. Therefore, the principled people prefer austerity over thinking.


Thought how do you recognize if someone is thinking in a biased or static way how do you influence change?

When thinking is related to a particular person and keeping his interest in mind, work is being done, even if it is an immoral act, it comes under the purview of partiality. The work that is done with a stable way of thinking takes care of the interests of the people associated with them as well as themselves. The work which does not harm anyone, then it is called stable thinking. To effect change in life, definitely think about the interest of the people associated with you. If you do any work, then definitely take care of the honour and respect of the people. Never criticize anyone. Be happy yourself, let others be happy too. Even if some work is done selflessly, it can affect the change in life.


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