Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Starts to become balanced try to sit quietly in one place then you will never get success in it.

Knowledge of tacit


Tacit knowledge is as good for life as having good stamina. To answer anything unnecessarily is to exhaust your patience. 

To establish tacit in your mind very important to have strong morale with energy. Of the mind, there is disorder and formlessness. Tacit cannot be achieved without controlling oneself. Once tacit is achieved in life, no matter how big and difficult a task may be, it can be completed in a pinch. The mind can be balanced by tacit. Tacit can be achieved not by effort but by work ship. If we try anything with the mind, then the speed of the mind becomes faster than that. By becoming a spectator, controlling oneself and making the mind simple, then tacit is attained. It is easy to do something from the point of view of knowledge, but it is very difficult to do nothing. When we do not do anything, the mind starts running like a wild horse. Then doing nothing becomes too overwhelming. A lot has to be done to maintain tacit. Due to this the mind starts to stay in one place. For this, only the work should be done which is necessary and if the mind also feels good, then the mind will definitely start staying at one place. After the attainment of tacit, it may also happen that if someone is talking, he cannot be heard. Tacit becomes active in itself and makes everyone inactive. Even the mind can disable its emotion. If this happens, then the will becomes active. By attaining real tacit, all the sorrows and anguish of the mind disappears by itself. What every human wants.


Tacit knowledge if you try to sit quietly in one place, then you will never get success in it. 

Just by striving for tacit the mind will start getting engrossed in its thoughts. It is better to try to concentrate on the work that you are doing, than to control the mind, it is better to control yourself through the mind. By activating the mind on itself, it should stop wandering in the outside world and demand it in itself. For this you have to make yourself very active. You have to find the good in whatever you are doing. Bad thing catches the mind quickly. Good is balanced but evil is unbalanced and more active. When goodness calms down. When compared to calm and active, energy is more in activity. Therefore, if you want peace in tacit, then activate your goodness, for this, only by activating yourself, the good will be activated. The elders are right. "He who says never does, and he who does never says". If you understand this only thing, then you will understand tacit. The doer never speaks. Balanced goodness and sense of doing something is awakened in the mind, then without speaking it can do a lot. The one who says "I can do this", "I can do that" then the mind runs in this feeling. It is well known to the world that when we think something, we only think at that time, then we are not doing anything. This is called background preparation of the task. After that the work has to be started so that success is achieved from the background created in the work. Suppose we are just thinking and not doing anything, then nothing is going to happen. Thinking too much also fills the mind. It is better to think that only those who can do it and keep doing it, this is the real activity of oneself. By doing this, tacit starts being achieved. Desire begins to balance. The balance of desire is willpower.


Knowledge of tacit we always do something or the other, do what is necessary. 

Due to knowledge of tacit life also remains balanced. It is very good if you make the effort of tacit knowledge the medium of your active work. Never encourage laziness in life. Try to complete your work in your stipulated time. Promote the belief, "Whatever you do tomorrow, do it today and what you do today, do it now." That is the tacit. This is the tacit. This is the effort of tacit. This is the way to gain the knowledge of tacit.   

Real knowledge of tacit

Tacit is an art of the mind. When there is no movement in the mind while everything is going on in tacit, then the power starts increasing in the mind. Thoughts and thoughts also end in the mental silence obtained after falling from one's thoughts and thoughts. Thought and thought are very active qualities of the mind through which worldly life goes on. In spite of everything, the person tries for tacit for peace of mind, so that the mind gets peace, happiness and gaiety comes in the mind, so that happiness remains in life. With the attainment of silence, the subconscious becomes active, due to which it becomes very easy to make impossible tasks possible. The very active subconscious mind is found only after attaining complete tacit, through which it exchanges knowledge by connecting with the soul of its own soul to the soul of others. All diseases of the physical body, even cancer and paralysis, can be cured by a very active subconscious mind. Active subconscious mind cannot do any wrong after attaining tacit because at that time it attains tacit by surrendering itself under the supervision of god, it has only positive energy, there is no place for negative energy here. Due to which there is no negative tendency in the mind. After attaining the power of tacit, it becomes very easy to look into one's mind, by talking to his mind, his proper solution is also found in his mind and he does not even know because he is in the world and a silent person stays connected with the divine in your soul.    


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