Monday, November 15, 2021

Tulsi plant was a girl in the previous birth whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan

Who was Tulsi?

Tulsi plant past life was a girl in the previous birth name Vrinda

whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan, she was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since childhood. She used to worship, serve God with great love.  When she grew up, she got married to the demon king Jalandhar in the evil clan.  Jalandhar was born from the ocean. Vrinda was a very pious woman, always used to serve her husband.

Tulsi workship once there was a war between the gods and the demons 

When Jalandhar started going to war, Vrinda said. Lord, you are going to war, as long as you are in war, I will sit in worship and perform rituals for your victory, and till you come back, I will take my pledge

Tulsi won't leave  Jalandhar went to war 

Vrinda took the vow of fast and sat in worship, due to the effect of her fast, even the gods could not win Jalandhar, when all the gods started losing, they went to Vishnu. When everyone prayed to God, then God started saying that Vrinda is my supreme devotee, I cannot deceive her.

Power of Tulsi then the deity said  God, there is no other way 

now only you can help us. God took the form of Jalandhar and reached Vrinda's palace as if as soon as Vrinda saw her husband, she immediately got up from worship and touched his feet.  I fell when Vrinda saw that my husband's head was severed, then who is this who is standing in front of me?

History of Tulsi he asked who are you, whom I touched 

then God came in his form but he could not say anything, Vrinda understood the whole thing, he cursed God, you become of stone, and God immediately became of stone. All the deities started crying and Laxmi ji started crying and praying, when Vrinda ji did the same thing back to God and taking her husband's head, she Sati happened. 

Mystery of Tulsi vivah when a plant emerged from his ashes 

Lord Vishnu said from today His name is Tulsi, and one of my forms will remain in the form of this stone, which will be worshiped along with Tulsi ji in the name of Shaligram. Bhog without Tulsi ji I will not accept.  Since then everyone started worshiping Tulsi ji.  And Tulsi ji marriage with Shaligram ji in the month of Kartik. is done. On the day of Dev Uthavani Ekadashi it is celebrated as Tulsi Vivah

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