Monday, November 15, 2021

Best of my knowledge of thought with detailed explanation is knowledge is power thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind

Thought is a mind-boggling action 

Thoughts elicits some action or reaction about every possible subject matter. 

The right and wrong thoughts raised in the mind can also be called thoughts. The expression of the mind is also called thought. The things that arise in the mind are also called thoughts. The mind remembers someone, that too becomes a medium of thought. The question and answer that raises in the mind all the time, which keeps on going on continuously in its own mind is the thought itself. A word to raise in one's own mind or a word that raises in one's mind about others is also a thought.


To the best of my knowledge thought  with detailed explanation is knowledge is power.

Thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind. According to what the person thinks, he imagines in the mind towards his duty or work. Thinking comes from the outer mind. As the mind accepts the worldly feeling. who wants to achieve in life. By imagining that worldly feeling in the inner mind, it renews itself in the mind. So that the subject matter can be established in life so that a new way of life can be found. Thought is reflected according to that imagination. Thought also teaches a lot. If a person becomes aware of his thought, then he exposes the result of the subject matter created by imagination. 

Thought positive thinks of mind.

Talking about the external mind, what is right and what is wrong, the tongue speaks as the external mind. Do not understand, after the result something different comes out, then thoughts also start coming in the result. Be aware of that thought too, jai, whatever is going wrong or has been spoiled. He finds a way to fix it. Consider that some negative thought is arising, then think about where the negativity has arisen. Thought gives knowledge. Sometimes the mind will be like that why are the thoughts coming? I do not want that such a thought comes, then the mind wants to get rid of that thought. Do not run away from thought, find the answer to the question that has arisen in thought. The result will then be something that the mind is trying to achieve. What problem is going to arise in that? It shows. Positive work and duty can be accomplished by working hard, hard work. By activating negative work, negative perception, unrestrained work, the mind can also have a stroke. The result of which can remain in the thoughts of the mind for a long time. Due to which it can be very difficult to steal, so the thought should always be positive.


Thought humans prefer penance over thinking? 

If you do something thoughtfully then it is fine. If the thinking is too much, then the imagination will also be more, it is natural. Through imagination, the inner mind is inspired to act and do the work according to the thinking. Thinking is too much and if the work is not doing anything, then the imagination will continue to be meaningless. Thinking is a gift of the outer mind, imagination is in the inner mind. At present the thinking is very active. Because there is a competition going on in making the work system active. Everyone is trying to outdo each other. It is natural that in the era of competition, not everyone will go ahead in the same way. Somebody will definitely be behind. It may be that such a person is simple, he does not like worldly activities, but if he is not successful in business, service, work arrangement, then it seems appropriate for him to make some changes in his life. Not everyone is the same in the world. It is not necessary that everyone gets the same success in the effort. Success is achieved by a mixture of thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion, mind, imagination, sometimes cleverness, material, price, punishment, distinction. The principled person does not follow every path. They will follow the path which is right for them.

Thought theoretical person pays more attention to the result less to the thinking. 

Penance yoga is meditation. Walking on the path of karma is also a penance. There is continual karma for life in which everything is included. One who is detached from life, may have mixed thinking. Karma is austerity to follow the principle of one's life. Such a person prefers to do good deeds than to think. Karma is selfless. Such persons take care not only for themselves but also for the interests of the people associated with them. In their happiness, he considers his happiness. That's why such people like penance more than thinking.

Thought knowledge is power generally, if a person does penance in the form of moral, then even if nothing happens in life, but inner happiness is found 

By looking into one's own mind, one can get rid of the troubles of life. Happiness is not just getting everything in life. Human beings forget the real color of life in the luxury of worldly pleasures. Despite everything in life, people sometimes run away from real happiness. The happiness of the inner mind is the real happiness. Therefore, the principled people prefer austerity over thinking.


Thought how do you recognize if someone is thinking in a biased or static way how do you influence change?

When thinking is related to a particular person and keeping his interest in mind, work is being done, even if it is an immoral act, it comes under the purview of partiality. The work that is done with a stable way of thinking takes care of the interests of the people associated with them as well as themselves. The work which does not harm anyone, then it is called stable thinking. To effect change in life, definitely think about the interest of the people associated with you. If you do any work, then definitely take care of the honour and respect of the people. Never criticize anyone. Be happy yourself, let others be happy too. Even if some work is done selflessly, it can affect the change in life.

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