Thursday, November 18, 2021

Sociological imagination distinction between the upper and lower classes of the society should end

Sociological imagination


Concept of society imagination


In the environment we live in, there are other people living with us. In which all your friends and strangers are there. The group of all these is called society. There are upper classes and lower classes in the society. Some are adorned and are also non-caste. The practice of living together with everyone is called society. From the point of view of knowledge, every person has equal rights in the society. Everyone lives in their own circle with their own family. It is only the interaction with the external people that generates the social environment. They live in harmony with each other through their knowledge and wisdom.


Fellow fellowship and people of same age, especially youth should have domination in the society.

Understanding each other's feelings increases rapport. On the basis of knowledge, education and experience, people also keep reconciliation among themselves, due to which mutual knowledge increases. Today there is progress in the world due to the youth living in the society. By keeping their thoughts and understanding in the society, they play an important role in giving a new direction to the society. Only new enthusiasm and strength can give life to the society and can make the society powerful. Only the new direction of youth's idea for the society can give strength to the society to move forward. The knowledge of the conscious youth, along with the knowledge of their elders and teachers, transmits new knowledge to them as well as their own experience. The knowledge in which the experience of teachers, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, many people and age-older is associated, then it is beneficial.


Order to live in the society sense of ego within the individual also creates mutual distance. 

Mutual respect is very important for reconciliation. If a person thinks that "i am the smartest and most intelligent" then it is wrong from the point of view of society. To live in the society, one should be beneficial. Understanding each other's feelings and knowing their problems and troubles, one should tell them the way out. Only then there is a possibility of sustaining the society and the organization of the people in it, if the person thinks that "i am everything and no one can stand before me", then that person is not even capable of living in the society. It does not make any difference whether such a person lives in the society or not. If such a person gives arguments in society, then there is no one to argue with him, but he definitely has to face the argument.


People with some arguments and quirks should also be there in the society. 

Those who are named according to their thoughts and are known by the same identity. This thing should never be misunderstood. The scope of their knowledge does not decrease. Such people must be in the society. Such people in society have the ability to speak right as right and wrong as wrong. Such persons are also eloquent. Society runs with such a person only. Their existence helps the weak and the weak to protect their interests. Such a person in the society can pacify someone's speech and lock his jawan. Such persons never allow the negative cover to climb in the society.


Only active and thoughtful people should lead the society.

People with active knowledge should experience them with intuitive understanding. Who should have the power to listen and understand everyone's point of view. Such a person should never speak too much, the right and accurate answer should be given on the generated idea which does not insult anyone's interest. Such a person should have a sense of interest and care of everyone in his jurisdiction. There should be a sense of justice in the person holding the post of president. The people leading them should be thoughtful people. The heart of a person sitting on the throne of a lion should swell like a blaze in which no harm should ever be done to the lower class. Everyone should be happy with their balanced thoughts. Only then that justice is effective for the society. There should be the ability to curb immoral rights, so that the rights of the people whose rights are being killed should be mixed with their rights. The authenticity of his authority should be recognized by revealing it. There should be power to punish people with immoral thoughts. Proper steps should be taken to maintain peace in the society so that unity and respect should be maintained among all the people.


Distinction between the upper and lower classes of the society should end.

It is still seen in abundance that there is little or no sense of harmony among the upper and lower classes of the society. This is a very big disease of the society which is spreading like leprosy in solidarity. The problem is complicated because the difference between the two classes is huge. The problem of both is the same. Either the upper class does not want to see the lower class, or the lower class does not want to see the upper class. Change in this mindset is very important. So that all the classes can respect each other's feelings and there should be peace in the society.

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