Thursday, November 18, 2021

Knowledge imagine much importance in modern times as it used to be in mythological times

I imagine the modern way of imagination?

Imagine much importance in modern times as it used to be in mythological times. 

Context depends on holding true feelings and positive thoughts. What do we do? What do we think? how do we go On what subject do we discuss? What is our area? Which path do we have to take? If the answer to the question asked in your mind is positive in real life, then the imagination is active and positive.


Imagine that in modern times the person who is responsible towards his work and towards his duty.

It's easy for them to imagine. It is certainly easier than ever to imagine and place oneself in progressive thinking. If seen in the present time, people are seen to be more busy than before. Busyness breeds positivity. Due to which the knowledge to move forward in their field of work develops. The more we become aware and aware of our subject. The more enthusiasm you will feel in working on that subject. Imagination is right in its place and at the same time your mind is also throwing light on the same subject, then it definitely becomes fruitful one day.


Imagine time is modern or mythological imagine has its place.

According to the time, the subject and work of the person has definitely changed, but the busyness has definitely increased. By thinking and imagining unilaterally, taking steps in the right direction, one gives peace to the mind, as well as encourages. We are doing what we are thinking. One advantage of this is that useless thoughts do not come quickly in the mind. There is concentration even in busyness. Concentration is considered a blessing of the divine. Work done with a concentrated mind never goes in vain. A busy life in your work with positive thinking can take you to the highest place.


Imagine biggest problems in today's time is the imagination for the development of duties and tasks.

Bringing employment, less money on the path of progress. Day by day, new avenues keep coming out and experimenting for progress in their business. Everybody knows. To stand in the market and to strengthen your foundation, it is very important to work hard day and night. Hard work never goes in vain. As is thought and action. The result is the same. Then there is a bigger problem than that. When everyone is active in getting ahead of each other in the era of competition to stand out in the market.


Imagine new question arises? What is the modern way of imagination?

Imagination, concentration, thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, knowledge are all active qualities. Have a deep relationship with each other. Active qualities are definitely helpful by actively fighting for the attainment of something. Activation for the acquisition of things and knowledge not only reduces the negative effect, but also increases alertness, maintains concentration. Proactivity is a positive effect. Man will be active in winning towards his work and duty, success will accompany him as much. In order to make an active imagination come true, the thinking must first be active. When the need is definite and important, the thinking automatically becomes active. Active thinking not only keeps the mind focused but also controls the mind. When the need is important, then there is competition on every avenue of work, then there is no way left but to increase the activity. In the competition, it is always realized that to achieve success, then one has to work hard, to get ahead of others. Unless you are active, success is far away. This is why it is easy to imagine in modern times. As in ancient times, reduction in life denoted need, need increased activity, activity increased duty and action. Similarly, if there is active thinking, then the imagination also becomes active. Due to which the speed of working of the mind increases. Then whatever you think and understand, it automatically becomes active. The result is the same. It affects work and duty.


Imagine in the era of modern day imagination, the first thing should be raised early. After doing routine, some exercise and exercise should be done.

The body and mind are activated by work ship. At any time of the day's busyness, we should sit quietly for some time and check the condition of our day, what we have done today is the best that by observing the subject matter of the whole day at the time of sleeping at night, we know this. It goes on that till now we have right and wrong. If something is feeling wrong, then it should be rectified from the second day onwards, it gives the knowledge to control one's mistake. By correcting the mistake you are doing, positivity starts increasing. Good experience of imagination starts in a positive mind.

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