Monday, November 15, 2021

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself

Knowledge is power

Power of knowledge even in the midst of hidden feelings in your mind. 

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself. It can only be achieved with long-term hard work. When you are active in the direction of increasing your knowledge with a strong mind, then the spirit of the mind also starts working through the medium of will. To convert the desire to achieve something in the mind, day and night, hard work and lonely thoughts strengthen our will. Knowledge is power in itself. Along with this, lonely thinking also gives power to one's will. It does not take long to understand the work thought through with determination. The flow of the mind also works in that direction.


In order to positive mind understand the power of knowledge. 

Power Knowledge of thinking must stand on a strong point. First of all it has to be positive. There is no task in the world that cannot be completed. Everyone's way of doing and responsibility is different. Understanding knowledge in a way and moving forward in that direction, even then willpower is power of knowledge helps in accomplishing that task by complementing success. One should work hard for this with sincere heart. The scattered mind should be energized in one direction. Results do come true. Any lack of responsibility and honesty is enough to dilute or worsen the outcome. 

The power of knowledge is called the power of knowledge by which man makes his existence in his life.

Knowledge and power may be different words, but power grows only through knowledge. The dimension of knowledge is created by the free thought of the mind, through which a person realizes the power of his life. The creature is based on the life force itself. If there is no power, then this life itself ends. The power of knowledge is necessary to run and handle in life.


Man's life is full of mystery in the power of knowledge.

If you understand the definition of the mind with the power of knowledge, then many thoughts in the mind keep disturbing the life of a person, to avoid this man should have the knowledge of right. The darkness of ignorance makes life beyond real thinking, the darkness of life should be dispelled by the light of knowledge.


The power of knowledge is necessary to maintain work and order.

The power of knowledge inspires the inner mind, which gives a glimpse of what is good and what is bad in the knowledge of life. The dignity and tolerance a person gets only through the power of knowledge. Patience power can get a man out of the biggest trouble. The way of communication between people is obtained through knowledge and experience through power. The respect and respect of the elders and the consideration of the younger is this knowledge which should have its power in the mind and understanding of the human being.


To become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the power of knowledge.

From the point of view of knowledge of profit and loss, both of these are the fruit of man's actions. Business flourishes or gets destroyed only on the basis of profit and loss in business. Good values ​​and mutual friendship promotes solidarity, which increases knowledge in the life and mind of man, which has an effect on the intelligence of man. Positive knowledge experience is the benefit for man, which shows his enthusiasm in his business, due to which the dimension of his business increases with effect. On the contrary, lack of knowledge and power leads to the first experience of laziness in a person's life, which should always be avoided. Negligence and hopeless thoughts, all this is experienced only due to lack of power of knowledge, which results in loss to man.

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