Thursday, November 18, 2021

Beyond your imagination is considered good when there is balance in thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion in life beyond your imagination

Beyond your imagination



Beyond imagination meaning

Meaning of beyond imagination. Life should be full of positive imagination. Thinking should never be beyond imagination. It is very good if thinking and imagination are balanced in life. This keeps balance in life. Being beyond our imagination means we have our own place in life and imagination is moving in the seventh place. Too much movement of the mind is beyond our imagination. Thinking beyond one's imagination makes the mind like a wild horse. Whatever is going on in life slows down in the real life world. Where the mind should be in its real world which is moving actively, then the mind is moving in its own imaginary world. This causes the real life world to deteriorate. What is going on in the imagination, when the mind becomes careless due to no external activity, it slows down the active work. The same thing happened that by eating more food than necessary, both body and mind get tired, then they are not capable of doing any work. When the health starts to feel like bad, the work that you are doing due to this also has to be left until the health gets better. Generally, the health which worsens by eating more food gets better quickly, but if the mind is bad, life is affected. Being beyond your imagination the mind really gets bad living, people do not like to talk, any of these effects or many effects are on life forever due to bad mind. The treatment of every physical disease is with the doctor but no doctor has the treatment for the disease of the mind. So never go beyond your imagination.



Consequences beyond your imagination

Being beyond your imagination is considered good when there is balance in thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion in life beyond your imagination. Life is good, in which man should give importance to only necessary activities. Thinking excessively or doing something, if any curry is adding to the development of life, then it is positive. It is not right at all to act without meaning or to meet anyone. By doing things beyond your imagination or talking to someone, both order and decorum are disturbed. It hurts deeply. So keep balance in life and be happy.


Beyond your imagination meaning when we go beyond our imagination.

When life goes on under the glare of the colors of life, then desires are also very much in life. Assume that your life situation is fine at present and carelessly using your life's power and energy according to your mind's imagination in such a place, which only gives peace to the mind and basically nothing is achieved. Is. Being beyond imagination and walking on the path of fulfilling it gives peace to the mind for some time but that peace cannot last for long. It should never be forgotten that the mind is a sea of ​​desires, the more desires are filled in it - the more the desire will increase. Desire is above the mind. When the desire of the mind increases, it takes the form of a desire, due to which the mind suffers due to its failure and its effect falls on the brain and intelligence. First of all, understand this thing that the running of the mind destroys its own energy, it takes hard work and struggles to complete the right work at the right place, due to which the mind often runs away after saving life. The mind catches both right and wrong things, but the mind is more attracted towards wrong things. If we see from the point of view of energy, then the object in which there is balance, there is less attraction in it and it attracts only the right thing, whether or not energy enters it, but energy often goes out of the wrong object. Which influences the people to increase the attraction towards them, which is negative energy. With the effect of its attraction, it enters the thinking and imagination of the people through the mind. Due to its effect, greed and attachment in the imagination, in the thinking and understanding of the people becomes more. Due to the high force of attraction of negative energy, it affects quickly. If a person is not in balance, then he makes his imagination beyond imagination. Due to which greed and attachment increases in life and throttles the real thinking. Due to this, the desire of the mind increases further and only one sinks in the ocean of desires and makes efforts to fulfill the desire of peace. Often the wrong thing is achieved quickly but to get the right thing one has to work hard and struggle. The attainment of things is based on thinking, imagination and desire. Never be out of balance and beyond imagination. Balance must be understood before fulfilling any desire.

Thought of mind with emotion

Every moment a person is thinking something or the other in his mind. Remembering the old memories, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. At present, he thinks about his progress and progress in life. Thinks to save something in worrying about the future. Ever wonder what we were yesterday and what are we? It also thinks that how we will be in the coming time. Whatever the person does, but in the lonely time, thinking keeps going on continuously.


The thoughts of a person's mind sometimes go to the seventh sky as well.

The thinking of a person living with the imagination of the mind, sometimes thinking differently from his own path. This is also the art of imagination of the mind. When a sad and disappointed person does not know that he is not successful in his life, then he starts thinking about that which can never happen in life. The reality is that by such thinking, he gets separated from the feeling of his sad mind for a short time, then it becomes wrong on the background of imagination and thinking beyond imagination may give him some heart for some time, but in real life that thinking is the worst. The aspect gives birth to the future. As a result, he never tries to do what he thinks, due to which disappointment starts making his place in the middle of happiness. One who is doing it on the background of his life gets away from success in it. In the coming time, when he is disappointed on the background of his life, then the same wrong and unimaginable thinking becomes painful for him.


Background of immoral thinking, wrong and unimaginable thinking is hidden

The person never knows to tell to the other. Such a person also ruins his life by taking the wrong path secretly, as a result of which his wife and children have to suffer more. Often people use the secret route for wrong work, so that knowing and intelligent people never get to know what the person is doing? Due to wrong deeds, he starts keeping distance from the people and also starts living apart from the society, due to which his identity gets erased among the people of the society and starts living as unknown. Means to say that thinking beyond imagination never leads to perfection. A person walking on this path keeps avoiding everywhere by hiding his identity. Due to which their work and routes are limited. But the day the story of their work is exposed, they have to suffer the consequences from the society and the government as well.


Thinking beyond imagination is not necessarily wrong.

A person beyond imagination should never try to walk on that path, which one day becomes the cause of despair, which only makes the mind sad, and success has no meaning, where there is no effort, then it is called success. Maybe. It means to say that there are those things beyond the imagination, which a person does not try to get anywhere. Staying in imagination, the mind becomes happy to see false happiness, but no background can be made for it. The result of which also falls on an active life, where success is reduced. If he thinks something else, does something else, then the results will also be different. In such a situation, disappointment is sure to come in real life.

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