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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Active imagination nature of subconscious mind subconscious mind is connected with the inner mind If the conscious mind is not active, it will increase the unconscious

Active imagination power

world of imagination human life flourishes in   

Whether the imagination is small or big, everyone moves in the world of imagination. Works according to imagination. Thinks about the necessary work in life. Remains active towards work. It gives activism in life. Along with this, the mind also keeps the brain active. Imagination is activated with agility. To be active in life, first of all it is necessary to activate the body, mind, intellect, conscience. If the body is fit, then there will be a lot of positive energy in the mind. If the mind is positive then the person will become intelligent. Thoughts of intelligent person will be positive only. Therefore, the imagination of such a person will also be active.

More active imagination is more beneficial thinks of mind

When a person works on that side with all his heart. It should not happen that he created a world of active imagination and did nothing in the name of work. Then only the evil result of imagination comes out. The idea is right up to that point. As long as it works according to the imagination. No matter what the imagination is, they are very active. The full effect of imagination falls on the mind and the brain. If your mind active according to the imagination, you are busy in the work related to the imagination. So it will have a positive effect. Active work will be completed on time. If there is no activity in the work according to the imagination, then the mind will start becoming sluggish. There will be a negative effect on the brain. Later on the mind will also start becoming negative. Proactivity enhances positivity. Lethargy is a negative nature. Worklessness is also a negative attitude. One should stay completely away from worklessness. The brain is a field of energy. 

Active imagination influenced the mind. 

Having a positive attitude is a positive attitude in active imagination. Not being engaged in any work of the mind is a negative nature. Imagination is active. When the imagination is active. Then the mind also becomes active. As a result, the brain is also activated in the brain is active imagination for mind. If the mind becomes sluggish, it is not necessary that the active imagination and the mind will also become sluggish. He will keep going. Man lives in consciousness. Which is called the conscious mind. Imagination is the nature of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is connected with the inner mind. If the conscious mind is not active, it will increase the unconscious. Which is negative. The brain consists of two parts of the brain. If understood from the point of view of energy, there are two types of energy flow in the brain. Which is called positive energy and negative energy. Energy works by the nature of the mind. The nature of the mind. Energy will do the same thing. There is a confluence of mind and energy. Therefore the mind should always be positive.


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