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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village

Education is very important for girls


The beloved daughter of the parents 

Today's time is progressing step by step with men in every field. There is no such area left where women are less than men. In many fields, women are even ahead of men. Especially women are moving ahead in the school-studying process. Whether it is a private school or children's coaching classes, now women are sitting everywhere.


woman education in modern times along with men is very important for a woman 

External knowledge so that she can protect herself and a housewife sitting at home should also have complete knowledge of the outside world in her life. The government has opened avenues to encourage women in every field. So that the woman can get all kinds of information and freedom.


Woman to be self-respecting In today's time is very important. 

Customary tradition has kept women locked in the house. The work of women like Mano should be the only responsibility of cooking at home and raising the family. Now women have to stand on their own feet. The shackles of orthodox tradition have to be broken. Only then will you get the external knowledge of the world.


Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village 

Not allow women to be raised by cherishing the ancient tradition. There are many such families which do not allow women to take them out of the house. There are even hundreds of such families who do not send their daughters to school especially in the rural areas in their childhood.


Times are changing today is scientific time 

It's time to try something. There is some specialty in everyone. To mature your specialty, it is very important to see the world with your own eyes. It is very important to hone your talent. The country is walking on the path of progress. The world is looking for a knowledgeable person who can have a good time ahead.


Education of daughters is necessary from childhood 

Been seen for many years. Daughter is coming first in secondary and higher secondary education. With good name of himself is also making letters of respect to his mother. Achieving the highest level of education.



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