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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Real life knowledge TV channels in India contribute for better knowledge?

How do channels contribute to better knowledge in India?


Real life education and knowledge should never fall short. 

You can get it by any means. It is not necessary that knowledge is available only from schools and colleges, but education is definitely received from them, but knowledge is located in the entire universe. You can get knowledge from wherever you want. Only medium and knowledgeable should be mixed properly.


Real better knowledge for people get knowledge even by making mistakes. 

As long as human does not make mistakes in effort and effort, then there will be no realization of correct knowledge. Once a Sikh has got the right knowledge of a mistake, he will never make a mistake again in life. It can also be called education. Just as children make repeated mistakes and reprimand the teacher by reprimanding them, even those who do not understand the chapter begin to understand in a few days. This is reality. A lot of knowledge is gained even by the use of power.


Really similarly for better knowledge many types of knowledge are also available to be seen and recited from TV channels.

Through news, the country gets to see and hear the news of the world. Discovery, Animal Planet, nature and life, animals and birds about the world's programs are seen, which continues day after night one after the other. By watching and listening to the many channels available for spiritual knowledge, peace of mind and divine knowledge increases.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Real life knowledge do you see life main quantities of life development of life is based on progress if life is full of education and knowledge then success will never be far from it

Real Life Knowledge

Real life time from birth to death is called life. 

Real life in childhood, by playing laughter, children keep on having fun while studying and writing. He moves on with his life. In adolescence, understanding all kinds of knowledge, right, wrong, good and bad, they move forward. receive education. Understand the colors of life. Proceeds in life. At a young age, he understands the responsibility of life. People get all kinds of knowledge and education by taking care of family, work, people sitting in society. After getting a life partner with his life, he spends life together. Moving on with the new generation. Understand the ups and downs of life in adulthood. He teaches his elders with his knowledge and experience. The society takes care of the family. Moving on by living life. In old age one experiences all kinds of sorrow and happiness. One by one, we move towards the end of our life by giving our knowledge and experience to others. Later he receives death. In this way life passes from birth to death.

How do you see real life?

Real life must first be understood through knowledge. The greatest value of life is education and knowledge. On which the development progress of life is based. If life is full of education and knowledge, then success will never be far from it. Wisdom refers to the experience in the work arrangement among the people in life. How do you spend your life at the time of happiness and sorrow in life? How to keep life simple and alert in difficult times and horse gaiety. Shows very useful properties. Responsibility shows responsibility towards one's work order in life. Responsibility towards family, children and elders is very important. For the life of man, virtue harmony is of great importance in the structure of life.


Real life main quantities of life

Real life main of life is only 10 per cent. According to spiritual knowledge human beings are 10% active conscious mind. The remaining 90 per cent are unconscious. The activation of the conscious mind is the cause of growth and success in life. Therefore the main quantity of life is 10% active mind.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thought provoking questions for children's day speech what are the opportunities to develop different types of thinking

Thought types of thinking

Thoughts In life, knowledge is based on the thoughts, understanding, feelings of the subject, object. 

Thought arises from thought. Thinking is influenced by thought. Thinking thoughtfully, it is very helpful to get the knowledge to move forward in any field. Because by doing this, concentration develops in the mind. Concentration of mind gives a lot in life. Which is positive for life. The idea can be understood from many aspects.


Thought and knowledge an introduction to critical thinking provoking questions for children's day speech

On Children's Day, children should first be told about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji. Who was born on 05 September 1888 in Tiruttani. He died on 17 April 1977 in Chennai. The main topic that should be mentioned on Children's Day. Why is Children's Day celebrated? What is the importance of Children's Day? Who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan? Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji, being a teacher, how did he become the President of India? What is the importance of education and knowledge? What is the importance of education and knowledge in life? What is the importance of knowledge of education in every aspect of life? Why is education and knowledge necessary for life? What is the importance of culture with education and knowledge in life? Why should parents, elders, teachers be respected? By taking education and knowledge from the past, what should be the change in the present and how should we lay the foundation for the future? What will be the level of education and knowledge in future? How does education and knowledge increase the solidarity of man? How did people become great through education and knowledge? What is the importance of education and knowledge in the field of work management?


Knowledge consciousness and the politics of empowerment opportunities to develop different types of thinking

Reason for every success in life is some or the other failure. The person tries. Effort provides opportunity. Unless a person makes efforts, there will be neither opportunity nor success. Effort is the key to success and opportunity. No subject or object can be achieved by trying only once. There may be no failure in the beginning, but failure also gives an opportunity to think for success again, that the striving person may be successful in the future. If you want to develop thinking, then try for every task about which you have some understanding. If you want to be successful in life, then do your work and duty responsibly. Efforts to do any work increase thinking. It is natural that when we do something, we make some outline about it. Some think, some understand, then some reach the decision. Then move on to do something. Unless you try something new, thinking will not get a new opportunity. Therefore, to develop different types of thinking gives opportunity only through effort.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

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