Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent

Wise people become silent because of their understanding The fool thinks that he has become silent because of my rate


Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person 

Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent. Even if you are harming yourself by keeping quiet, there is no need to worry. A wise person can earn it again. But it is never right to get involved in any subject matter with a sly person. Knowledge promotes positivity. Ignorance leads to darkness. It is not so easy to get out of it.


Knowledge is partnership, and understanding is knowledge 

They are related to each other like this. As if these two were made for each other only. Those who have wisdom in them. He is also a wise man. This should be understood. Wisdom never says be foolish. The work that can be done peacefully. There is no need to get confused in it. This should also be the limit of a person. There is no point in arguing about the work that can be done by conciliation. Debating is a test of strength. Abuse of power is not good at all. Instead, there should be a positive use of power. So that the mind gets peace and the reconciliation is successful. Even if something goes in reconciliation, it doesn't matter. If you have power, it can be regained. But it is not right at all to argue with a rascal for a trivial thing.


Even if that sly person thinks that I have won 

The person in front has lost at my rate. Even then it doesn't matter. The world is known that people with negative tendencies have more power. His powers are also activated. But it cannot be for anyone's benefit. Not at all for the good. Usually such people win. A good person never makes a mistake. He has immense tolerance. He gains a lot even after losing something. This only increases his knowledge. Above all, his heart has room for happiness and enthusiasm. Which he can never do bad.


On the contrary, the sly person is heartless, angry, in whose mind there is a building to take and snatch from others. Which keeps increasing day by day.


If possible, always disrespect such rascals 

Keep a distance from it. Don't get bogged down in it in any way. Don't care about such people. If it is capable of punishing or getting such people, then definitely do so. This will also lead to social welfare. Slowly the evil will also start decreasing.

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