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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Every problem has its own solution By understanding the subject properly, success is achieved in the work done with understanding

The solution of your problem is with you only, others have only suggestions to give.


What is the problem? 

Getting stuck on some work or subject and there is no way out how to complete that work. In spite of having knowledge and experience, when everything remains grounded and there is no development. In such a situation, there is bound to be a problem.


Where does the problem come from? 

One, the problem arises due to lack of proper use of knowledge. Experience is a big thing, even if the experience is not used properly, then the problem arises. Problems arise due to not understanding the specifics of the subject properly. Wrong understanding also creates problems. Many times the concentration is disturbed due to lack of mind in some work and also due to wandering here and there. Even more problem arises.


Every problem has its own solution 

By understanding the subject properly, success is achieved in the work done with understanding. It is very important to put the mind in any work or subject. This increases concentration. Which is a sign of success. Due to this, the mind does not wander here and there away from the subject. The job is successful. Completing a complex task or subject requires hard work and decent experience. Throughout life, a person keeps on learning something or the other from the experience of himself and others every day. One who creates new creation by becoming experience.


It is not necessary that the given work should be done by only one method

if it is completed by other means or knowledge, then new experience is born. This is also a sign of progress. Due to this the work is completed easily and in less time. Which acts as an inspiration to others. If one way is closing, then somewhere the other way starts opening itself. If knowledge and experience is working properly, then another path opens itself.


In a given situation, someone else or a well-wisher can tell the way to himself or give a good idea. 

That work has to be done by oneself. In the opposite situation, others have only suggestions to give. Which gives a route display. The work has to be done by oneself.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Real life knowledge do you see life main quantities of life development of life is based on progress if life is full of education and knowledge then success will never be far from it

Real Life Knowledge

Real life time from birth to death is called life. 

Real life in childhood, by playing laughter, children keep on having fun while studying and writing. He moves on with his life. In adolescence, understanding all kinds of knowledge, right, wrong, good and bad, they move forward. receive education. Understand the colors of life. Proceeds in life. At a young age, he understands the responsibility of life. People get all kinds of knowledge and education by taking care of family, work, people sitting in society. After getting a life partner with his life, he spends life together. Moving on with the new generation. Understand the ups and downs of life in adulthood. He teaches his elders with his knowledge and experience. The society takes care of the family. Moving on by living life. In old age one experiences all kinds of sorrow and happiness. One by one, we move towards the end of our life by giving our knowledge and experience to others. Later he receives death. In this way life passes from birth to death.

How do you see real life?

Real life must first be understood through knowledge. The greatest value of life is education and knowledge. On which the development progress of life is based. If life is full of education and knowledge, then success will never be far from it. Wisdom refers to the experience in the work arrangement among the people in life. How do you spend your life at the time of happiness and sorrow in life? How to keep life simple and alert in difficult times and horse gaiety. Shows very useful properties. Responsibility shows responsibility towards one's work order in life. Responsibility towards family, children and elders is very important. For the life of man, virtue harmony is of great importance in the structure of life.


Real life main quantities of life

Real life main of life is only 10 per cent. According to spiritual knowledge human beings are 10% active conscious mind. The remaining 90 per cent are unconscious. The activation of the conscious mind is the cause of growth and success in life. Therefore the main quantity of life is 10% active mind.


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