Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Real life knowledge TV channels in India contribute for better knowledge?

How do channels contribute to better knowledge in India?


Real life education and knowledge should never fall short. 

You can get it by any means. It is not necessary that knowledge is available only from schools and colleges, but education is definitely received from them, but knowledge is located in the entire universe. You can get knowledge from wherever you want. Only medium and knowledgeable should be mixed properly.


Real better knowledge for people get knowledge even by making mistakes. 

As long as human does not make mistakes in effort and effort, then there will be no realization of correct knowledge. Once a Sikh has got the right knowledge of a mistake, he will never make a mistake again in life. It can also be called education. Just as children make repeated mistakes and reprimand the teacher by reprimanding them, even those who do not understand the chapter begin to understand in a few days. This is reality. A lot of knowledge is gained even by the use of power.


Really similarly for better knowledge many types of knowledge are also available to be seen and recited from TV channels.

Through news, the country gets to see and hear the news of the world. Discovery, Animal Planet, nature and life, animals and birds about the world's programs are seen, which continues day after night one after the other. By watching and listening to the many channels available for spiritual knowledge, peace of mind and divine knowledge increases.


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