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Knowledgeman connector relation between previous birth date of birth and current birth date of birth

Connection between past life death date and present life birth date?


Role of life is only up to the mortal body. As long as there is soul in the body, there is life. 

The body made of five elements is made up of the mixing of the 5 main elements. Earth element is related to earth, food is very important when hungry, restlessness, weakness, irritability, anger all becomes real, water element is related to water, it is possible to drink water when thirsty, if water is not mixed, restlessness and weakness increases, The element of fire is related to fire and the sun is the source of the fire of the sun, due to which heat is felt in the body Taking oxygen only signifies life, when the breath ends, death occurs when it decreases, the sky element is related to the open environment, it is outside the body, due to which the energy of the body dimension is expanded which is related to the soul. When its radius is reduced, it affects the mind, intellect, conscience and knowledge.


Just as the earth is the place of life. 

In the same way the soul also has its own dimension after death, which after leaving the body goes to its dimension. Human beings with material knowledge cannot go into that dimension, there is no space for the mortal element. Nature has given dimensions to everyone according to their own abilities and qualities. Those with divine knowledge can come anywhere.


Relationship in life and death is from birth to death. 

After that the soul becomes independent and goes to its dimension, with no relation with the dead body, it starts deteriorating.


Out of the seven dimensions of the soul, the fourth dimension is of human life

Which is related to the air element. That is why the investment of the soul has been told in the heart. Heart failure leads to instant death, which is not under anyone's control.


After death the soul is free, it comes to the earth of the death zone of its own accord. 

To see the day, year and month in relation to the date of birth and death, the date is made of a mortal human. It has nothing to do with the soul. It is only related to mortal human beings which we are all people. So there is no relation between previous birth death date and current birth and date of birth.

Basic concepts is part of knowledge that a CA aspirant should know

What are the basic concepts or part of knowledge that a CA aspirant should know?

The CA candidate should be able to enter the purchase and sale tax of GST properly in all the mentioned tables. The CA candidate must have all the information about Income Tax. In which every person has to pay tax to the government according to his income in the year.

Practical training in all areas of finance, accounting and taxation is a must for a CA aspirants. CA aspirants have to be prepared for dynamic and challenging work in any environment.

Practical and creative knowledge is essential for a manager Manager is a must have for any enterprise or establishment. Should also be full of practical and creative knowledge

Practical and creative knowledge is essential for a manager


Manager is a must have for any enterprise or establishment. Should also be full of practical and creative knowledge. 

Must have the best possible knowledge about each and every aspect in your field. To run the work and behavior of the establishment successfully, one must also have the knowledge of working with experience.


Many types of work in the establishment. 

Along with working, controlling the workers and the ability to go and handle any disturbances, makes any person capable of becoming a manager.


Work experience the manager should have the ability to think well. 

The only manager is associated with the logo. Whether it is a worker or a visiting guest or a businessman, only by meeting the most courteous manager, he grows the means of his further work. Establishment and enterprise run well only by increasing interaction with people. For this, it is very important for the manager to do the right thing so that he can attract the guest or the businessman towards him.


Person becomes proficient in his work his experience also increases. 

With the increase of experience, he increases the dimension of his work and gives work to many more workers along with him. It is also very important to have a controller for all the low to run simultaneously. The person who manages gets into the position of manager only from his work experience. The manager is also famous for the way he works.

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Teachers knowledge and challenges in teaching numbers dimension of education is also increasing in the subject and study criteria by making changes from time to tim

Teachers knowledge and challenges in teaching of numbers


The teachers knowledge reveals the true meaning of the context.

Teachers are different for all subjects. In primary school only one teacher teaches all the subjects. According to the age and discretion of young children, there is not much pressure to study and write.


Age increases in teaching, the life of the student remains full of challenges to achieve progress in the classroom.

From the eighth onwards, the subjects also increase and different teachers are nominated for different subjects for teaching, so that correct and accurate knowledge can be given in the student, knowledge is imparted to his students by experienced teachers. Due to which the students progress in their respective subjects.


As time is passing by in the same way the dimension of education is also increasing in the subject and study criteria by making changes from time to time.


In the present time, along with the increasing population of the people, with the increase in the number of children, due to the increase in the chapters of the subject in their education, the hard work in writing for the children is more important than before. Meritorious students pass with high marks and weak students are promoted to the next class by passing them to move forward, so that there is no shortage in any student's education. All the students should get the same knowledge. Some very weak students who do not get a chance to go to the next class, then they fail and have to give one more year of their own. They also get education. In the midst of all this, the challenge of writing education has to be accepted by the student as well as the teacher. According to the number of children in the class, giving them the right education, keeping everyone calm and controlled is a big challenge.


Children also have to face many challenges in studying many subjects at once.

Keeping the books of all subjects equally ready, remembering the study of the subject, studying with your understanding, until the children do not study diligently, their education will not increase. The biggest challenge is in the exam. During that time the child has to study day and night and work hard to remember the subject. Aiming to get high marks in the class is also an added challenge.


Knowledge of many subjects and accurate information is also a big challenge for getting employment in the dimension of life.

In order to develop in life, along with studies, study of work, experience, good knowledge, one has to study a lot of subjects to progress in life. Then there is progress in life. This too is no less than a challenge. By the way, at every step in life, man has to face a challenge.

Brahmas are there at any given time as per our knowledge

How many Brahmas are there at any given time as per our knowledge?


Who is Brahma?

The creator of universe is Brahma himself, he is a formless and pervaded in the entire universe. The structure of every human and animal is from him. One divine power that pervades both light and darkness, it is Brahma ji, the creator in the Supreme Soul. Brahma ji is the only one in the form of God, who gives the desired results of human beings with all the power and gives the results according to the deeds. It is Brahma ji who is seated in the navel lotus of Vishnu ji and absorbed in the power of Lord Shiva. Brahma ji is the power in birth and death and the curry between the two. Lord Brahma is the giver of birth. At one time, in the same time, in the ever-changing time and in the whole time, Brahma ji is one.

New shop opening process knowledge of new shop should have good knowledge of buying and selling.

Knowledge of new shop opening process

Open a new shop one should have good knowledge of buying and selling.

From where to buy the goods and keeping in mind the demand for which goods around you is high, you should keep the goods to be sold in the shop. You should have the ability to decide from your own experience, which goods are good for sale. According to experience, the purchase of goods should be done, the goods about which there is no information should be avoided.


Before opening the shop the place where people come and go is more.

The knowledge of the process of opening a shop should be kept in the building built at that place. The shop can also be opened on rent or by buying it yourself. For this, the license of the shop and establishment has to be removed by paying service tax from the office of the municipal corporation vested in the state government. The license of GST has to be taken from the department of the Central Government, along with the license of MEIS is also necessary. Proper service tax is required to be paid for both the licenses. GST is filed every month and the MEIS license is renewed once in a year, in which the names and code numbers of the goods purchased and sold, for which the central government recognizes through the license. According to the need, license has to be taken from the Municipality of the State Government to sell some items.


Keeping accounts after opening the shop is a very important knowledge.

For the knowledge of the shop, daily transactions should be entered in the same account every day. By opening a current account in the bank, you must keep the check book and slip book with you so that there is no delay in the transaction with the bank. A separate book should be made of raw and final receipts. A separate book should be prepared for advance transactions. A separate book should also be made for the incoming goods. So that all the accounts can be found comfortably on time. Taxes of the Central Government and the State Government must be paid on time, as there is never a risk of closure of the establishment.


Along with opening the shop the interior and exterior of the shop and warehouse should be kept according to the use.

In the knowledge of the decoration of your establishment and shop, it is not necessary to keep all the goods in the shop itself, it can also make the decoration of the shop look bad, the interior and exterior of the shop is not good until the shop side. People are not attracted. For this, all the goods in the shop should be equipped, which is liked by the people who come and go and should be attracted towards the shop.


In the knowledge of running a shop, the quantity of goods in the shop should be limited but the variety should be kept complete.

Stock of all the goods must be kept in their warehouse, from which if needed, they can order and decorate the goods and provide it to the customer according to his order. At least three days' stock of goods must be placed in their warehouse, after ordering the new goods to the wholesaler, sometimes it takes 2 days for the goods to arrive, it is not necessary that the goods are ordered immediately or On the same day, the goods often arrive from the wholesaler on the second day only. The stock of some goods should also be kept for the weekday which comes late from the wholesaler.


After opening the shop 2 or 3 workers must be kept for proper functioning of the shop. 

In the knowledge of the working of the shop, there must be at least 2 employees, one employee to deliver the goods and one employee to deliver the goods after the sale, who bring the goods from the warehouse and keep them decorated in the door. If the owner of the establishment can handle the account on his own, then it is okay, otherwise, a sensible employee or accountant must be kept for him.


Opening the shop on time does not keep the rate of losing the customer. 

The shop is run by the trust of the lost customer. Should talk to the employee and the customer properly so that he understands the matter at once. With this, you can avoid putting yourself and others in trouble. By doing any work on time, the establishment runs well.

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Bulk job knowledge wholesale business, the idea of ​​the matter also has its own importance

Wholesale job knowledge


Money in wholesale business grows by working with good knowledgeable person and experienced people.

The methodology demands a person with good maths knowledge, who progresses very quickly in the methodology through good oral knowledge from writing and counting. Only people with good understanding are successful in functioning. Meritorious students also get to learn a lot in their free time by helping the merchant in the wholesale business.


Decorate and keep the goods along with the stylus in the wholesale trade

If the weight of the goods does not spoil the other goods, so that there is no loss to the trader in any way, then this thing is always taken care of. It is also necessary to know to count all the moving goods and to keep receipts correctly and to enter all the information in the everyday book.


Quality of the goods and the choice of the customer should also be understood.

For further business, along with buying new goods and promoting it, as well as meeting the retailer and giving information about the goods, there is a need of knowledgeable and experienced talented people.


Many dimensions of work in wholesale trade.

There is always a demand for a well-know and experienced person. Those who have good knowledge, information and experience, they get quick work with the wholesaler.


Wholesale business, the idea of ​​the matter also has its own importance.

Along with having all kinds of knowledge, there should be a way to talk well with other traders as well. Negotiation has a different importance in wholesale trade, the person who gives the right idea by negotiating well, such person makes a lot of progress in the wholesale trade, buying goods at the least price in the wholesale trade and taking the fair price of the goods from other traders. Since then the wholesale trade grows.

Disadvantages of job knowledge Such a bright and intelligent student should try to be self-reliant.

Disadvantages of job knowledge


Parents give higher education to the child so that children can become something by reading and writing and illuminate the name of their parents.


In real time, unemployment has become so high that the condition of the well educated upper class is bad in terms of jobs. Due to reservation in government jobs to the lower class people, they get some work or the other even if they do not have low marks and specific qualifications. But there is no reservation for upper class and general category where they can apply for government jobs. All accounts get full. Where 100 people want jobs, then more than 10000 applications are received, even if their qualifications are not very specific, but when they do not get a job, then that qualification and education is of no use. Through which he could feed himself and his family.


Reservation is appropriate for the lower class, but the scholars and meritorious students get merit by doing studies.


By working hard day and night for a good living, they get high marks by doing hard work, there is no vacancy for them, their morale breaks down. Then education and knowledge have no importance in mind. Such a meritorious and intelligent student has to go through what he gets for the work business and to be self-reliant in the future. Then qualification and education become all meaning for him. The hard work that one gets by doing labor has to live in poverty itself.


Bright and intelligent student should try to be self-reliant.


Get education only as far as it is necessary. In lieu of higher education, learn some work so that people can call and get their work done every day. There are many such areas where people have progressed a lot after learning work and making a good living. Hard earned money never goes in vain. The work done by which the blood of the body burns and sweat comes out. There is no greater karma than this. If the karma is positive then the result also turns out to be positive. If there is knowledge of any work by running after the job, then that success definitely comes in life.

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Low price Bluetooth headset for helmet bikers legal reasons one should never use a mobile phone while riding a bike

Low Price Bluetooth Headset for Helmet Bikers


Legal reasons, one should never use a mobile phone while riding a bike and should not listen to any music from headphones while driving. 

Due to this, the horn of the vehicle coming from behind is not heard. One has to be alert while driving. Listening to music also causes disturbances in it. It is best that if you want to use mobile while walking the bike, then you can do it to understand the location. But one should not listen to music at all. Due to this, the driver's vehicle and the life of the other vehicle are also at risk.


There is a saying "the expensive cry once and the cheap cry again and again".

Cheap goods should never be used, its quality may be defective and lack. Spend once and get good headphones so that they can last for a long time, use only branded goods.


Any item of good quality is fine especially electronic goods whose waves are also dangerous. 

It is possible that the unbalanced wave generated by cheap stuff can enter the ear and cause damage to the brain. Therefore, the headphone should be bought very carefully. Bluetooth is powered by wireless waves, which can also be very dangerous for the health. The waves are balanced and well organized and their frequency is correct so that they will not harm the brain.


Be careful, be careful, use good stuff. Never use headphones while driving.

Medicine for knowledge development of knowledge, comes from the mind and intellect.

Any medicine for knowledge development


Development of knowledge comes from the mind and intellect.

Mind and the intellect are treated less and more with guidance. By increasing good and positive understanding, calming the mind and attaining concentration, the intellect is sharpened. The understanding of right and wrong increases. In the modern and mythological system, no such remedy has been found, which can claim to be intellectual which increases knowledge. Knowledge only increases with understanding. Eating almonds gives strength, which calms the mind a little and has a positive effect on the intellect. Almonds are considered to be natural dry fruits, which are easily available at any grocery store. Dried fruit shop is available as soon as it is found. Almond is considered to be an intelligent fruit. Do not consider it a medicine, it is a fruit. Elderly and knowingly ask to eat almonds to increase intelligence, it increases strength. Peace of mind leads to the development of the intellect.


Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village

   Education is very important for girls The beloved daughter of the parents. Women education  today's time is progressing step by step ...