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Teachers knowledge and challenges in teaching numbers dimension of education is also increasing in the subject and study criteria by making changes from time to tim

Teachers knowledge and challenges in teaching of numbers


The teachers knowledge reveals the true meaning of the context.

Teachers are different for all subjects. In primary school only one teacher teaches all the subjects. According to the age and discretion of young children, there is not much pressure to study and write.


Age increases in teaching, the life of the student remains full of challenges to achieve progress in the classroom.

From the eighth onwards, the subjects also increase and different teachers are nominated for different subjects for teaching, so that correct and accurate knowledge can be given in the student, knowledge is imparted to his students by experienced teachers. Due to which the students progress in their respective subjects.


As time is passing by in the same way the dimension of education is also increasing in the subject and study criteria by making changes from time to time.


In the present time, along with the increasing population of the people, with the increase in the number of children, due to the increase in the chapters of the subject in their education, the hard work in writing for the children is more important than before. Meritorious students pass with high marks and weak students are promoted to the next class by passing them to move forward, so that there is no shortage in any student's education. All the students should get the same knowledge. Some very weak students who do not get a chance to go to the next class, then they fail and have to give one more year of their own. They also get education. In the midst of all this, the challenge of writing education has to be accepted by the student as well as the teacher. According to the number of children in the class, giving them the right education, keeping everyone calm and controlled is a big challenge.


Children also have to face many challenges in studying many subjects at once.

Keeping the books of all subjects equally ready, remembering the study of the subject, studying with your understanding, until the children do not study diligently, their education will not increase. The biggest challenge is in the exam. During that time the child has to study day and night and work hard to remember the subject. Aiming to get high marks in the class is also an added challenge.


Knowledge of many subjects and accurate information is also a big challenge for getting employment in the dimension of life.

In order to develop in life, along with studies, study of work, experience, good knowledge, one has to study a lot of subjects to progress in life. Then there is progress in life. This too is no less than a challenge. By the way, at every step in life, man has to face a challenge.

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