Monday, December 20, 2021

Medicine for knowledge development of knowledge, comes from the mind and intellect.

Any medicine for knowledge development


Development of knowledge comes from the mind and intellect.

Mind and the intellect are treated less and more with guidance. By increasing good and positive understanding, calming the mind and attaining concentration, the intellect is sharpened. The understanding of right and wrong increases. In the modern and mythological system, no such remedy has been found, which can claim to be intellectual which increases knowledge. Knowledge only increases with understanding. Eating almonds gives strength, which calms the mind a little and has a positive effect on the intellect. Almonds are considered to be natural dry fruits, which are easily available at any grocery store. Dried fruit shop is available as soon as it is found. Almond is considered to be an intelligent fruit. Do not consider it a medicine, it is a fruit. Elderly and knowingly ask to eat almonds to increase intelligence, it increases strength. Peace of mind leads to the development of the intellect.

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