Thursday, December 23, 2021

Knowledgeman connector relation between previous birth date of birth and current birth date of birth

Connection between past life death date and present life birth date?


Role of life is only up to the mortal body. As long as there is soul in the body, there is life. 

The body made of five elements is made up of the mixing of the 5 main elements. Earth element is related to earth, food is very important when hungry, restlessness, weakness, irritability, anger all becomes real, water element is related to water, it is possible to drink water when thirsty, if water is not mixed, restlessness and weakness increases, The element of fire is related to fire and the sun is the source of the fire of the sun, due to which heat is felt in the body Taking oxygen only signifies life, when the breath ends, death occurs when it decreases, the sky element is related to the open environment, it is outside the body, due to which the energy of the body dimension is expanded which is related to the soul. When its radius is reduced, it affects the mind, intellect, conscience and knowledge.


Just as the earth is the place of life. 

In the same way the soul also has its own dimension after death, which after leaving the body goes to its dimension. Human beings with material knowledge cannot go into that dimension, there is no space for the mortal element. Nature has given dimensions to everyone according to their own abilities and qualities. Those with divine knowledge can come anywhere.


Relationship in life and death is from birth to death. 

After that the soul becomes independent and goes to its dimension, with no relation with the dead body, it starts deteriorating.


Out of the seven dimensions of the soul, the fourth dimension is of human life

Which is related to the air element. That is why the investment of the soul has been told in the heart. Heart failure leads to instant death, which is not under anyone's control.


After death the soul is free, it comes to the earth of the death zone of its own accord. 

To see the day, year and month in relation to the date of birth and death, the date is made of a mortal human. It has nothing to do with the soul. It is only related to mortal human beings which we are all people. So there is no relation between previous birth death date and current birth and date of birth.

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