Wednesday, December 22, 2021

New shop opening process knowledge of new shop should have good knowledge of buying and selling.

Knowledge of new shop opening process

Open a new shop one should have good knowledge of buying and selling.

From where to buy the goods and keeping in mind the demand for which goods around you is high, you should keep the goods to be sold in the shop. You should have the ability to decide from your own experience, which goods are good for sale. According to experience, the purchase of goods should be done, the goods about which there is no information should be avoided.


Before opening the shop the place where people come and go is more.

The knowledge of the process of opening a shop should be kept in the building built at that place. The shop can also be opened on rent or by buying it yourself. For this, the license of the shop and establishment has to be removed by paying service tax from the office of the municipal corporation vested in the state government. The license of GST has to be taken from the department of the Central Government, along with the license of MEIS is also necessary. Proper service tax is required to be paid for both the licenses. GST is filed every month and the MEIS license is renewed once in a year, in which the names and code numbers of the goods purchased and sold, for which the central government recognizes through the license. According to the need, license has to be taken from the Municipality of the State Government to sell some items.


Keeping accounts after opening the shop is a very important knowledge.

For the knowledge of the shop, daily transactions should be entered in the same account every day. By opening a current account in the bank, you must keep the check book and slip book with you so that there is no delay in the transaction with the bank. A separate book should be made of raw and final receipts. A separate book should be prepared for advance transactions. A separate book should also be made for the incoming goods. So that all the accounts can be found comfortably on time. Taxes of the Central Government and the State Government must be paid on time, as there is never a risk of closure of the establishment.


Along with opening the shop the interior and exterior of the shop and warehouse should be kept according to the use.

In the knowledge of the decoration of your establishment and shop, it is not necessary to keep all the goods in the shop itself, it can also make the decoration of the shop look bad, the interior and exterior of the shop is not good until the shop side. People are not attracted. For this, all the goods in the shop should be equipped, which is liked by the people who come and go and should be attracted towards the shop.


In the knowledge of running a shop, the quantity of goods in the shop should be limited but the variety should be kept complete.

Stock of all the goods must be kept in their warehouse, from which if needed, they can order and decorate the goods and provide it to the customer according to his order. At least three days' stock of goods must be placed in their warehouse, after ordering the new goods to the wholesaler, sometimes it takes 2 days for the goods to arrive, it is not necessary that the goods are ordered immediately or On the same day, the goods often arrive from the wholesaler on the second day only. The stock of some goods should also be kept for the weekday which comes late from the wholesaler.


After opening the shop 2 or 3 workers must be kept for proper functioning of the shop. 

In the knowledge of the working of the shop, there must be at least 2 employees, one employee to deliver the goods and one employee to deliver the goods after the sale, who bring the goods from the warehouse and keep them decorated in the door. If the owner of the establishment can handle the account on his own, then it is okay, otherwise, a sensible employee or accountant must be kept for him.


Opening the shop on time does not keep the rate of losing the customer. 

The shop is run by the trust of the lost customer. Should talk to the employee and the customer properly so that he understands the matter at once. With this, you can avoid putting yourself and others in trouble. By doing any work on time, the establishment runs well.

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