Monday, November 15, 2021

Football game along with entertainment also gives good performance to the players play football, the player has to do exercise and yoga regularly

Playing football is essential for good health and staying fit


Playing football helps a lot in balancing the person's second gland which is called sacral gland 

Football one-third of the sacral gland energy goes to the brain and two-thirds of the energy goes to both the legs. This chakra represents the water element. In order to keep the body's water balanced, it is necessary to strengthen the feet along with the brain. By playing football, along with the exercise of the body, the feet also get a good massage. Any type of exercise and yoga has a deep and good effect on the brain. The brain is the center of energy from where energy flows throughout the body, unless there is good exercise, the energy will not flow throughout the body.


Football game along with entertainment also gives good performance to the players

Play football player has to do exercise and yoga regularly so that the body remains fit. A fit body helps a lot in fighting diseases. Due to this, the amount of oxygen in the body also remains balanced. Due to feeling thirsty during exercise, there is never any shortage of water in the body by drinking proper amount of water. Science also says that a person should drink 3.5 to 4 liters of water in a day. The body gets tired in any sport. It is necessary to drink water for instant energy.


Football thirst compels a person with physical exertion and exhaustion to drink water

Football has a steady body and does not work hard does not feel thirsty quickly. He also feels hot. As always the mind and body remain tired. To avoid this, they prefer to stay under the fan or in a cold air-conditioned area. Due to this thirst feels negligible. Maybe they drink water only when they eat. Shouldn't do this. In such a situation, even 2 liters of water is not able to drink in a day. After getting old, they have to face many types of diseases and diseases. High blood pressure, sugar disease often occur. Due to not taking care of the body in the beginning, one has to face disease in the fourth and fifth phase.


Football is easily available at any sports equipment shop or online

Football need of the hour is to start from today itself. Make the body agile by working hard. All kinds of exercises and workouts are done by playing football. If you cannot do this, then definitely do some sports or exercise. If you want to do less than that, then at least half an hour in the morning before sunrise, after doing daily work, try to travel at medium speed. So that the thirst is always felt in the right amount and the breath also goes well with the exhaustion of the body in an open environment, which is also considered a good yoga. Man's life is only by breath. Therefore the breath should be clear. Sadness, mind and laziness move in the body in very less amount, which further encourages laziness and disease. Laziness kills the mind in life. In which there is only negative emotion. Due to the continuous decline in the ability to think positively, the mind becomes lethargic. It should not happen.

By playing football if you cannot do this then definitely do some sports or exercise

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