Sunday, November 14, 2021

Life is a pleasant feeling, the wisdom of affable and the spirit of togetherness

Love life is a pleasant feeling, the wisdom of affable and the spirit of togetherness


Love is done from the heart. Behavior is done with intelligence 

If there is love in life then there is no building of hatred towards anyone. To connect with each other, love is a positive curry, due to which everyone is connected to each other. It should never be thought that love happens only in the girl child or in husband and wife, they are related to each other by mind. But real love is that in which there is no feeling of ill-treatment for anyone. Only then can it be considered the definition of true love.


Love gives a pleasant and expansive dimension to the movement of the mind 

The joy of life is filled with love. Love plays a positive role in achieving its highest speed by growing at medium speed. The highest movement of the mind is peace and concentration. When positive feelings start arising in the mind for everyone, then it should be understood that the seed of love is doing positive work in the mind of one's life. Nothing can be more positive in the world than love.


In order to make your heart free, one should behave with love and affection among people 

So that the person in front also gives us the same respect and behavior. In true love it is better to give something than to get something. Let your heart swell with the happiness of the one who receives it. Love adopts simplicity, virtue, peace and happiness. Unless there is a feeling of proper love in the religion of humanity, even no religion can connect with God. Love in which there is no place for cause and therefore.


Love and harmony are very important for a free-spirited mind 

By establishing the feeling of love for the purification of the mind, the soul gets the feeling of peace. No one can give a more pleasant feeling to the mind than self-peace, a peaceful environment other than love. To make life disorder-free, an environment of peace has to be created in your mind, which can be found only through love, peace and love.


Love is very important to generate love in the mind for a happy life, long life, healthy body 

Due to this, the mind and soul keep getting positive energy from God. If you remove all the feelings of the mind from yourself for some time, then you get good sleep at night. Waking up is in one's own hands and sleep is attained only after clearing the mind. Waking up is your moral and sleep is your gift of moral. No one can deny this truth.

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