Monday, November 15, 2021

Knowledge and understanding human should understand his through often called humans should understand their knowledge understand man through knowledge

Specialized knowledge says that through knowledge understand a person what is his mind

Tacit understanding knowledge often said that man should not understand his knowledge 

Personal knowledge management of human often called. Humans should not understand their knowledge. We say that understand man through knowledge. What's on his mind? What is special is that he is the greatest of all. What is the significance of that? Why is he so dear to everyone? Why is everyone attracted to him? His free thought is thought. Attracts everyone towards him. It doesn't matter whether he is rich or poor. This also doesn't matter. Is he small or big. Even we are saying It also doesn't matter whether it's yours or yours. What matters is what he is talking about. Are we following the knowledge from them? If his words touch our heart. We like our hearts. Which makes us feel happy. In fact he is wise. Who has attracted everyone. That's why they are great. We should never judge such a person by his physical condition. Such a person should be approached by knowledge. Who really wants to understand everyone through knowledge. Because he gives us only and only knowledge. We should also follow them. Somewhere on some way or the other, they often meet. We do not understand them out of ignorance. There is regret later.

Power of knowledge never give an answer immediately to any unknown person or anyone you meet

Open knowledge for unknown person therefore, whenever you meet any unknown person or anyone, wherever you are. Do not answer them immediately. Until he reveals himself completely. What is their intention? After talking to you after sometime, he will start understanding us. It would be beneficial whether he is a wise person or a cunning one. Somewhere he is not trapping us in his trap. This would be another advantage. They will not know about themselves. And we will begin to understand their words. What is that really. If you have any doubts, avoid them. If you like something good about them, then listen more. Any man will meet himself. If he is talking greedy things. So stay away from them. And keep going on your way. Many times this happens. People lose a lot by falling into their trap.

Spot answers knowledge are true only where we know each other very well

The exact answer is example of knowledge is true only where we know each other well. About which we are fully aware. And we only use the answers available to entertain each other. We also have to understand a lot in order to understand the necessary thinking. What is right. What is wrong. We all know this.

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