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Different types of direct knowledge In direct knowledge, when we do something and do not have complete knowledge to do that work

Different types of direct knowledge

Role of postage stamp collection in enriching knowledge in modern days

Knowledge inspires man in every situation. The positive aspects of the mind are the knowledge which is revealed according to the time and stage. Knowledge comes from the thoughts of the mind and the thinking of the mind. The medium of greatest knowledge is nature and thoughtful people. Whose discussion the country and the world also discusses. Inspirational thoughts and knowledge of great people inspires people. Usually postage stamps have either pictures of great men or pictures or marks related to nature. It has often been seen that the person who is inspired by the words of any great person or by nature. Collects the signs associated with them. Like notes, coins, photographs, books, articles, etc., in all these, most people collect postage stamps. Cut the postage stamp from the letter that came from the post and keep it pasted somewhere. The role of philately in enriching knowledge is just and surf inspiring their thoughts and knowledge which gives them prosperity.


What are the different types of direct knowledge?

In direct knowledge, when we do something and do not have complete knowledge to do that work, then the mistake made by ourselves only tells us to do the right direction. In terms of knowledge, most of the knowledge we get by making mistakes, which we can improve in future. Unless a person makes a mistake in seeking knowledge or doing something, then real knowledge will not be experienced. If we think that there is no mistake from us, then our knowledge will be limited. This will not increase the knowledge.

By following inspirational thoughts and the knowledge generated by the thinking of a learned person, one's own knowledge increases.

In the book studied in school and college, only the knowledgeable of some subject has the idea and method of learning. Even after education, many people consider it necessary to read books. He is the medium of knowledge.

Seeing any work being done increases understanding. Along with reading and writing a book in study, knowledge is expanded by using the subject matter. Which increases your effort.

After making any kind of mistake, without getting discouraged, moving forward and struggling for improvement, one understands the nuances of knowledge.


What website should i set up to get knowledge of entrance exam after +2 commerce?

Knowledge is not tempted by the name. Those who are willing to acquire knowledge can acquire knowledge even from straw. Now the matter is, to establish the website, establish the government or curriculum which suggests it. It is not necessary that only a well-known website will give good knowledge. That is knowledge. The light of knowledge burns even with the slightest understanding. Who lights it to all.

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