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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Person who grows his body does not work hard

For a person walking on the path of devotion to God 

Going to a holy place or an unholy place does not have any effect in his mind. 

Whether there is happiness or sorrow in his struggling life, it does not affect him. Taking the name of God in mind, he keeps fulfilling his duty by walking on all easy and troublesome paths. Even if he goes to the door of death while doing spiritual practice of God on the path of duty, he never backs down from cultivating his mind through God. By doing this, he goes on the verge of death, even then he considers his life worthwhile in God's worship.


The person who grows his body does not work hard. 

To escape from his work and duty, he always wants to do spiritual practice of God by staying at a holy place. Even if by doing this, he is fed by the donors. People start to consider him absorbed in devotion. Even the supreme devotee of God starts to understand. But nothing like this happens. He is not close to God at all. Promotes the intention of his erudition. Promotes the intention of his erudition. Such a person considers himself in the trust of God. They are absorbed in the name of God round the clock, day and night. They keep running away from their work and duties, their trust is only on God, due to which they get food and money from the giver, but far from attaining God, they do not even become capable of it.


There is only one way to success in life. 

While experiencing hard work, struggles, happiness and sorrow, one who understands life cultivates his mind. Whether it is devotion to God or performing one's duty, both are considered worthwhile. God and God all help such a person.


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