Friday, November 12, 2021

Imaginative positive or negative Imaginative qualities are both positive and negative, thinking is completely based on understanding and actions of the mind

Is imaginative positive or negative quality?

Imaginative is positive or negative quality

Imaginative qualities are both positive and negative. Thinking is completely based on understanding and actions of the mind. As is the feeling of the mind. Thinking gives the same effect. The result of which falls on the imagination. Imagination is a feeling of the inner mind. Which gives a signal to the inner mind through imagination to the feelings of the outer mind. Imagination has an effect on the external mind. The external mind works according to the imagination. Imagination being positive or negative is based on the actions of the mind. The human external mind resides in the conscious mind. The conscious mind is active. All external events have an effect on the external conscious mind. The effect in the life of man is according to knowledge. As man has knowledge, what his outer conscious mind accepts, so does his feeling. It can be both positive or negative depending on the time. The mind works through the senses of the external conscious mind. Imagination serves to increase dynamic work. When a person imagines, the effect of the external mind also falls on the imagination. Due to which the interruption of the imagination or the frequent changing of the subject, the subject which is not pleasing to the mind comes to the fore. This type of effect occurs again and again in the imagination. Which is a negative quality. A person who is aware of the happenings during the imagination, in whom there is knowledge. What's right what's wrong? So, being conscious of the happening event, he keeps moving forward looking at the incident. He knows what to accept. And what to leave? Only then is it a balanced and positive imagination. By keeping the mind conscious of the external event of such a person. To keep the imagination clean and balanced, it is very important to have a balanced mind. Whether it is the outer mind or the inner mind, both are active, the work is successful only when the outer mind and the inner mind are the same. So there is no hindrance in that work. goes on continuously. The imbalance of inner and outer mind creates hindrance in work. Imagination is the link between the inner mind and the outer mind that arises out of thinking. Due to which the attempt to control both the mind, which is according to the action and the event. Therefore through knowledge the outer mind is kept alert. So that there is no hindrance or hindrance in the imagination. The external mind can be controlled by knowledge. That is why one should always move towards knowledge. Thus imaginative can be both a positive and a negative quality.

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