Friday, November 12, 2021

Kingdom of imagination each and every part of life is surrounded by imagination we do as we think thinking is imagination we must imagine

Imagine yourself

The kingdom of imagination contains a lot. 

Every bit of life is surrounded by imagination. He does as he thinks. Thought is a form of imagination. Just want to imagine. The road to progress is only open to imagination. As long as you do not imagine, the feeling for that thing will not arise in the mind. Along with worldly imagination, one should also imagine oneself. Without it, knowledge can remain incomplete. Worldly imagination has both positive and negative imagery. Some wishes come true. Some wishes remain. Although works as per the imagination. Whether worldly imagination is balanced or unbalanced, it will be known only by imagining oneself. Otherwise the imagination can be beyond imagination. Then that wish will never be fulfilled. Like, balance is maintained at home, outside, in society, among people, in business. Similarly, imagination should also be kept balanced. Imagining about oneself will lead to knowledge about one thing at a time. You will know where what is going wrong. What's going on right? Which side should be active? Which is going wrong. Which work activity needs to be stopped. These things will be realized only by imagining about oneself. Along with maintaining balance in life, your imagination should also be balanced.

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