Friday, November 12, 2021

Mind is the gateway to knowledge imagination is the door to knowledge mind does not take something in itself

Real life door of knowledge or the gateway of knowledge that is right

Mind is the gateway to knowledge. Imagination is the door to knowledge. 

As long as the mind does not take something in itself. Until then the fantasy will not be meaningful. The mind keeps a lot inside itself. But the active will be the one who gets absorbed in the imagination. Imagination is an extension of the mind. The mind can also create puzzles. Imagination can even break the treaty. The door is the mind itself. The origin is imagination. Until moral and knowledge will not go inside. Till then, how will the dimension of knowledge be formed in the origin of imagination? Meaning is to reach the source. One can also come back after going inside the entrance. But not everyone gets a chance to move in the origin. The mind can go away with pomp. Whatever goes in the imagination will only expand. Everyone's point of view is his own. The loser of the mind is the winner of every mind. Self-reliance will increase knowledge. Action lessness will create ostentation. Only those who can understand, if they are not wise, then everyone else understands.

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