Friday, November 12, 2021

Too much cold and dehydration, beneficial to wear clothes and sweeteners made of sheep coat made of leather also gives relief from cold gloves and socks in the hands and feet

Winter is a pleasant weather, relief from the heat for everyone and the cold prickly cold wind also pleases the mind


Why is it believed that the prickly cold air of winter also pleases the mind?

Behind this is the mind. When the mind gets coolness then it gets relief and some peace like atmosphere is created. In a cold environment, to feel some heat, by sitting on a bonfire or burning some wood, the body gets some relief from the cold. But the heat only makes the mind restless. People living in yoga and meditation try only for coolness. By doing this, they do not feel any problem in any cold environment. No one can tolerate the coldness like Yogis. Because they find peace only in coldness. It has often been seen that yogis are engrossed in yoga in the caves of the Himalayas. Whatever be the weather, everywhere in the Himalayas the heat is less than anywhere else.


The body is made up of five elements. In which the third element is related to fire

That place is also called the energy chakra. Which is present in the spinal cord behind the back. Maybe it is called Manipur Chakra. According to the mind, the body gets the heat it needs from there and keeps flowing throughout the body. Due to the coldness of the external environment, only the energy in the Solar Gland remains balanced. Due to lack of external heat, there is no danger of mixing any other energy in its own energy. Due to which there is never any feeling of relief.


With the increase in some heat in the afternoon, the restlessness in the mind also increases. What is the reason behind this?

Ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun, which as they fall on the body, increase the heat, which is the cause of restlessness of the mind. Due to the mere increase of energy in the body and energy cycle, it becomes uncontrollable and affects the mind. Lethargy and attachment start to feel. The mind does not feel right in any work. Mixing one's own energy with another's energy has an immediate effect on the mind. Due to which thoughts and confusions start increasing. Which is the cause of restlessness of the mind. Ultraviolet rays have a mixture of both positive and negative energy. The energy chakra likes violet positive energy and not ultraviolet mixed energy.


This can also happen due to being too cold. Then warm clothes and bonfire are required to preserve the heat of the body 

Due to which some heat is available to live in the atmosphere. By which the mind becomes able to maintain its energy by feeling it. If there is a decrease in the actual heat of the body, then there may be a lack of water in the body. Drinking water can fulfill the lack of water in some measure. Thirst is less in the winter season and more urine comes out in the urine. This is called dehydration. With a lot of cold, the water of the body starts expelling more in urine during urination. Due to which there is a decrease in body water. In this case, immediate treatment is required.


To avoid too much cold and dehydration, it is beneficial to wear clothes and sweeteners made of sheep 

A coat made of leather also gives relief from cold. Gloves and socks in the hands and feet, so that the soles of the hands and feet can be protected from the prickly cold. Always keep the head and ears covered, with a woolen cap, which should be covered by the cold wave falling on the head, whose effect goes to the body through the ear.   


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