Friday, October 22, 2021

Darvaza gas crater mystery door of hell tourists from abroad come here to see the door of this hell in the Darvaza of Turkmenistan The door full of mystery is the gas crater

Darvaza gas crater full of mystery door of hell


Known as the door of hell this gas crater 

Place named Darvaza in Turkmenistan. Where it has been burning methane gas day and night in a very large pit continuously since 1971. Due to which it is the stuff of a burning very grown up. Which looks like the door of hell, hence it is called the door of hell.


The scientists of Russia, after testing, showed that there is a huge oil reserve at this place

Then the scientists went there and started digging. Only a few days after the start of the excavation, this pit was buried. Due to which the diameter of 226 feet and 98 feet deep became the size of a very big well. From which methane gas was continuously coming out. Which were extremely fatal for human life and animal and bird life. Due to which the scientist considered it appropriate to set fire to it by mutual consideration and with the opinion of the scientific group, due to which the methane gas, which is flammable and poisonous, is dangerous to the living beings. To prevent the spread of this poison.


Scientists had an estimate that methane gas would burn out for a few days 

But he did not test the reason behind setting the fire, how much is the amount of methane gas here. The methane gas filled with unlimited quantity is not extinguished even after a few days, then it is burning continuously day and night.


Later became the center of attraction for the tourists and tourists 

Where the adventure is seen only at night. The fire keeps burning during the day, but due to the dark night and the deserted area, the sight of seeing the burning light in the night is something else.


Tourists from abroad 

Come here to see the door of this hell in the Darvaza of Turkmenistan. The door full of mystery is the gas crater. Which is now well known.

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