Tuesday, October 19, 2021

One who values ​​the relationship is resentment between them too, but it does not last long. After reconciliation

Importance of relationship


Friends should not be angry with anyone for a long time 

This disturbs his own mind as well. It doesn't matter whether people are their own or strangers. If you know or recognize someone, then you are definitely connected with intimacy somewhere. Only then does he always remember him. When someone gets angry with himself or a stranger, he always remembers. The memory of such people always remains in the mind, who are angry. Anger is a negative quality that is more active than a positive quality. Even if you are angry with him, but his memory will always be in your mind. That's why resentment is fine, but so much that that resentment does not sit in your mind. Due to this, his own mind also starts getting affected. So leave resentment with everyone and live together.


Clapping with both hands keep this in mind also 

Never have a one sided relationship. You can help if you want, but only as much as is appropriate and there is no loss of any kind. So far it's fine. When the person in front is not giving you any importance. So it doesn't make sense to be mean to him at all. Such a person should be thrown out of his heart. This is harmful. You are going to help. If he is not worthy of you in any way, then what is the use of that help. Forcing a relationship is never okay. Whether it is with yourself or with a stranger, the relationship should be equal and ideal on both sides, then only that relationship matters.


One who values ​​the relationship 

There is resentment between them too, but it does not last long. After reconciliation, they become alike again. This thing is equally true, as where there are many utensils, they also collide with each other. So is the relationship. Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes displeasure but that displeasure is not a change of understanding and nothing happens.  

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