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Life practical knowledge is required for admission in UKG and KG? means the theoretical and practical knowledge to be imparted to the employees in the context of work

Practical knowledge 

Knowledge is required for admission in UKG and KG

For admission in UKG and KG, the child should be able to state his/her name as his/her parent's name. No bookish knowledge is required. Because education starts from school. Only the understanding of the child is judged. A. The child should be admitted in UKG or KG. Children should only know the identity of the vegetable or the identity of the fruit. It is important to identify the item used in the house. How clearly can the child speak? The age of the child is older than 3 years and younger than 4 years. So accordingly admission in KG is taken. If the child has already studied some bookish knowledge at home. Like a b c d has taught words or 1 2 3 counting. Teach small simple poems from other older children in the house. Age is older than 4 years and younger than 5 years. Admission is taken in UKG. This type of knowledge is required for admission in UKG and kg. According to me, it is not right to put the burden of studies on the child till he is 5 years old. Modern civilization is putting the burden of studies on the child very early. If possible, the child is not burdened with any kind of bookish knowledge before admission to UKG or KG. Children are innocent. Children are admitted in UKG or KG according to age and general knowledge which is the knowledge of the name of the object of the house. Not through any bookish knowledge. Therefore, do not burden the child with any kind of bookish knowledge before entering the school. Wants to teach children something before going to school. So as a general knowledge, you can teach the names of household items. Similarly, knowledge is essential for admission in UKG and KG.


Theoretical and practical knowledge to be imparted to the employees in the context of work

Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge make the person responsible. It is very important for the employees to be firm in their theory and practice, especially in the context of work. Theory teaches a person to come to his work on time. To work diligently understanding your responsibility towards the work. To do the given task responsibly. Take special care of the time that the given work should be done on its own time. So that there is no loss of any kind to the entrepreneur. Practical knowledge helps a person to establish coordination among other workers. So that no dispute arises in any kind of work. Whether it is a worker or an entrepreneur, the coordination with both remains the same. Work is in its place. The way of living is at its place. No matter how expert the person is in the work. If the behaviour is not good. So it is not considered any work. It is of no use to the entrepreneur. This has often been seen. Theory reflects his character. Behaviour reflects his role. Therefore theoretical and practical knowledge to be given to the employees in the context of work is very important.


Certificates more important than knowledge in the Indian system?

Why are certifications more important than knowledge? This is not only the belief in the Indian system but in the whole world. Any person goes to a businessman in search of work somewhere. Tells about himself. The businessman asks him something. But by doing this, how can a businessman trust an unknown person. Until what people are they? Does he have experience? Where did it come from? What were you doing before getting into this business? Where did you work? Or new. Isn't the whole thing lying to get the job done? Anything can happen? Indian security system also makes this people aware from time to time. Think thoughtfully in contact with any unknown people. Don't just believe it. The world is aware of the thefts and frauds happening every day. So certificate is more important than knowledge in Indian system. Who is the person? Where is the name address? Where is the person from? How much have you read? What qualification does he have? Who specializes in what? How is his theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge? All the information is mentioned in his certificate. The school, college, establishment has the seal and signature. Which proves his qualification and that person.

Lkg and ukg means in full form

Ukg means upper kindergarten

Lkg means lower kindergarten

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