Monday, October 25, 2021

Real life book about knowledge of Kabir Das ji says through this couplet that if both guru and god are standing together in front of us

Real Life Book about Knowledge of Kabir Das ji 

Kabir das ji says through this couplet. That if both Master and God are standing together in front of us. So whose feet will you touch? Master has told us the path of spirituality and meeting God only through his knowledge. Therefore the glory of Master is above God. We should touch the feet of the Master .


According to the book about knowledge of Kabir Das ji 

Kabir das ji says person who tells us some way. gives knowledge. The same knowledgeable person, Master is very important in our life.


Everything happens with knowledge is the mother of action 

If there is knowledge then there will definitely be earning. If there is knowledge, then there will be action and good deeds. When knowledge is so useful to us. So we can attain God only through knowledge. That's why the knowledgeable person who gives knowledge, Master is the most important for us.


Learn book about knowledge 

Knowledge should be taught to your child from childhood. Knowledge should first come from the parents.


Why not get knowledge from anyone in life 

Knowledge should be learned from everyone. Knowledge does not matter whether the person giving knowledge is good or bad.


Real book about knowledge is the one who knows

Difference between good and evil. Knowledge teaches to face evils. Knowledge is the change of understanding which knowledge we are receiving.


Understand yourself through knowledge

Then why would there be a mistake. If you follow the path of positive knowledge, you will get more knowledgeable great men. Making every wise man a Master . Filling life with knowledge. Whatever karma you do, success will be certain. That is why the knowledgeable person Master is the most important for us.

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