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The knowledge society recommendations for the form of knowledge in the society there is some kind of debate between someone somewhere know when there is no solution among themselves

What are the recommendations for the knowledge society?

The knowledge society 

What is meant by society? First understand this. Society is an organization. Where people meet each other. People sitting in the society are intelligent people of positive thinking. He sits in the society. One who is a good thinker. Whose nature is calm, simple and alert. He does some good things. Where people from all walks of life have thoughts. What is right? What is wrong? which is wrong. How to correct it, by which way to correct it so that that mistake is removed. Create a good environment for everyone.

The form of knowledge in society, there is some kind of debate between someone somewhere. 

When you do not know each other. Then one of the two parties comes in the middle of the society and puts forth its point. Then the people of the society call the people of both the sides and listen to the words of both the parties. What is right? What is wrong? Informs both the parties. Gives correct information to both the parties. So that the on-going dispute gets resolved and in future no problem of any kind should arise between the two.


The knowledge of society is mostly based on a particular caste 

Where people of every section of their caste have a role. From time to time, the people of the society have called all the people of the society to keep their point of view, which is necessary. Everyone keeps their point. For the development of the people of the caste, everyone works unitedly to strengthen the organization.


The knowledge society TKS

Panchayat can also be considered as a society. Panchayati society where one area, town, village is for all the people. It is called Panchayat. In which all sections of the people have equal rights. There are also some posts in it. Such as Mukhiya, Sarpanch, Sabha member, Gram Sabha member etc. The towns fulfill the work of development by appealing to the Panchayat government for the development of the village. Whose benefit is available to all the people of the town and village.


Following are the many such societies which are working in their respective fields. Names of some main societies


Hunting and Gathering Society
Rural society
Horticulture Society
Agricultural Societies
industrial society
post-industrial society

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