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Monday, October 25, 2021

Main feature of this temple is that the sound of music comes out when the hand is pressed on its pillar

Nellaiappar Temple 

Nellaiappar Temple is located in Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu. 

The temple of Lord Shiva in the temple was built by the Pandyas in the 7th century. An idol of Lord Shiva is installed in this temple. Nellaiappar Temple is a unique specimen of its beauty and architectural art. The sound of music emanates from the pillars of the temple. The pillars made of stone which are hollow from inside, came to know when the British tried to find out where the voices come from? Before independence, its two pillars were broken, then it was found hollow from inside.

The area of the Nellaiappar temple is spread over an area of ​​14 acres. 

The main gate of the temple is 850 feet long and 756 feet wide. The music pillars of the temple were built by Ninderesar Nedumaran, who was one of the best craftsmen at that time. A melodious tune emanates from the pillars located in the temple. Due to which it has become the center of curiosity among tourists. A melodious sound like the melody of a tabla emanates from these pillars. You come out of these pillars on the beats of seven types of music like dhun sa, re, g, ma, pa, dha, ni, on hitting the pillars of the stones.


The architecture of the Nellaiappar temple has a special mention 

48 pillars are made of a single stone and all the 48 pillars surround the main pillar. The temple has a total of 161 pillars from which the sound of music emanates. The surprising thing is if you try to make a sound out of a pole. So other pillars also start vibrating.


The stone pillars of the Nellaiappar temple are divided into three categories. 

In which the first is called Shruti Stambh, the second is called Gana Thungal and the third is called Laya Thungal. In these there is some mutual relation between Shruti Stambh and Laya. Due to which if someone hits the Shruti pillar, then the sound also comes out from Laya Thungal. Similarly, if someone hits the Laya Thungal, then the sound of Shruti Stambh also comes out.

Full of amazing artwork and unsurpassed mystery, the temple becomes musical when one beats it.


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