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Friday, December 24, 2021

Preparing for exam more important to gain knowledge or make a strategy

What is more important when preparing for an exam, gaining knowledge or making strategy?


Knowledge should be acquired by all. 

Wisdom increases with knowledge. With knowledge, one can achieve all kinds of happiness in life. Along with acquiring knowledge, there is also a criterion for it. The knowledge gained from the school also has to be tested from time to time, so that after passing it is promoted to the next class. With the increase of time and class, the dimension of knowledge is also increased so that the student gets the ability to acquire more and more knowledge.


In school there are two big exams and two test exams in a year. 

For the half yearly and half yearly exams, the child has to prepare for some time in advance. Which is a paper of 100 marks or 150 marks in each subject. To remember the answer of the question, sometimes one has to study day and night and prepare to remember the question and answer of the subject. For this, along with time, the help of knowing well is also taken, who connects with the teacher of Tucson.


Unless the children prepare properly for the exam.

Seems difficult to get good marks, for this it is very important to make a strategy for the preparation of the exam according to the time. This is a very big dimension of knowledge, in which it is a responsibility to be successful with good marks in the result by preparing all the subjects in turn, which every student should take up this responsibility.


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